Since this is our dragging issue we thought we would dig deeper into the mini-truckin' pastime: dragging! We figure there is nobody who has seen more front-row action than our buddy Scrapey the Happy Road Dot. So he will be taking over to answer some questions, to ask some questions, and to just make some incredibly pointless comments.

What's up, fools? I'm Scrapey. Nobody has lost more brothers and sisters than my yellow butt. For years, mini-truckers have put their trucks up to the test of seeing how hard they lay out while going 80. The result of this is disfigured, dismembered, and sometimes even kidnapped road dots. I once even witnessed a road dot no more than 3 months old taken to his grave. Anyway, on with the show.

Components of Draggin'
This is asphalt.
Aliases: Blacktop, macadam, or tarmac
Run down: Asphalt is made up of two basic ingredients. The first is aggregates (crushed stone, gravel, and sand). About 95 percent of the total weight of an asphalt pavement consists of aggregates. The remaining five percent is asphalt cement, the black liquid that acts as the glue to hold the pavement together. This is a crude oil product made by the same place that makes gasoline. Asphalt cement is one of the heaviest, most viscous parts of petroleum.