When you've been around as long as FBI, you've seen people come and go throughout the years. You've also been through ups and downs yourself and have been able to adapt to the changing market to keep your customers happy. Well, FBI has been in the mini-truck game for over a decade and no matter what they've been through, they've come full circle to completely bring their focus back to the loyal mini-truck customers. To do this they've introduced a new "membership" program, the first of its kind, to offer the everyday, average mini-trucker like you and me super-discounted prices that were normally reserved only for huge dealers and wholesalers. There's no need for a business or resale license. This new membership club includes a club card (like Costco, etc.) with two different options. There's a "Brushed" membership and the upgraded "Polished" membership. The club benefits include the following:

FBI's Brushed membership entitles you to custom pricing on their entire catalog of items. Additionally, Club FBI members will receive extra savings on monthly specials and are given advanced notification of new product releases. As a Brushed member, you will be able to log onto the website anytime, anywhere and view your order status, history, and UPS tracking numbers. You can also load pictures of your custom ride into your "Customer Rides" page, and with the new Messaging Center you can ask any technical questions directly to the knowledgeable staff. All orders will ship to the primary cardholder only.

FBI's Polished membership entitles you to the same custom pricing as Brushed members. However, Polished members earn an additional 2% towards an in-store credit on every purchase they make at FBI. As a member, you will receive semi-annual reports showing you how much you have earned, and you may use your in-store credit (same as cash) anytime you wish. You will also be able to log in to FBI's secure website anytime, anywhere and view your order status, history, and UPS tracking numbers. Polished members may ship their packages to any address they wish, making this membership ideal for companies wishing to "drop ship" directly to their customers. Club FBI members get seriously hooked up. Whether you have technical questions, parts inquiries, or just a comment on ways to improve their parts or service, FBI's customer service team will always be available for you.

To see just how much this new club benefit can save you, check out FBI's totally revamped website at www.fbirides.com. Like we previously said, FBI has been around over 10 years and has come a long way in that amount of time. What began as Steve Santucci and his three employees has grown into one of the premier mini-truck companies, with over 18 employees at your service. What started as Steve's dream to provide quality parts at an affordable price with customer service as his top priority when he was just working out of a small 300 sq. ft. building in Orangevale, CA, blew up into the successful shop it is today. The brand new facility (boasting 20,000 sq. ft.) includes a full in-house machine shop with state-of-the-art equipment to fully handle the needs of the mini-truckin' community. Steve knows the formula is not magic or luck, just taking care of the customer with good old-fashioned hard work, teamwork, and dedication. Check out what the new and improved FBI has to offer and you definitely won't be disappointed.

Name: Steve Santucci, the Big Cheese
Marital status: Married 17 years, with four beautiful rug-rats
Location: Folsom, CA
Age: 37
Gray hair: Had a bunch when we saw him. Then it magically disappeared (special thanks to Steve's latest sponsor, Just For Men).

Name: Phil Blottie, General Manager (GM)
Age: 29
Location: Fair Oaks, CA
Marital status: Happily married with three kids
How long at FBI: Six years (began as shop bitch and worked his way up to GM)
First mini: In 1994 he bought an '86 B2000 longbed with pathfinders, mono-leafed, and scrapin' torsions.
Current rides: '70 Datsun 521, '65 Mercury Comet, '72 International Travelall, '05 Mazda MPV soccer wagon (for the wife) bagged on 18s
Total # of vehicles owned: Over 30, mostly a big fan of old-school Datsuns.
First started working on mini's: As soon as he turned 16 the wrenches came out.
First 'bagged truck: 1999 - '70 Datsun 521
Truck club: Member of Twisted Images' Sac Town Chapter for over two years

Name: Dan Satner, Sales Manager
Age: 32
Location: Sac Town, Cali
Marital status: Locked down with a ball and chain (but a cute one)...sorry, ladies!
How long at FBI: 4-1/2 years (started as sales bitch and worked his way up to SM)
First mini: In 1991 he bought a first-gen. S-10 to begin his hydro'd and body-dropped extravaganza.
Current rides: Previous September '04 cover truck Sport Trac (under the knife going for full body drop and crazy rebuild), '05 Dodge Ram with 9-inch lift rollin' on 37x20s (mini-truckers can't keep anything stock for long), '69 Blazer shell that is being rescued, '06 Lexus IS250 (wife's hooptie)
Total # of vehicles owned: Dan can't count higher than 10, but he thinks maybe over 50.
First started working on mini's: When Dan was 15 he and his skater buddies began tinkering on rides.
Truck club: Twisted Images Sac Town

Dan has always been into custom cars, but is a mini-trucker at heart and that will stick with him forever. His buddy Rob got him hooked and Dan would like to give a special shout-out to Rob for all he's done.