Rendering of the Month
If you thought Joel Sadenwasser was close to done when you saw his "Construction Zone" feature in our January '06 issue, you would be mistaken. There's plenty in store for Joel's Tacoma, including a 3-inch chop, 4Runner roll-down rear window, suicide doors, sheetmetal bed floor, and a vertical billet grille. The truck will be finished by SCD Fabrications of San Marcos, CA, S&S Motorworks of Escondido, and Extreme Audio of Temecula.

Ticket of the Month
Mike Fool got this ticket draggin' on the I- 45 leaving a show in Houston, TX, and earned himself a gift certificate. Mike was throwing sparks all over, and a DPS trooper came out of nowhere and pulled him over and asked him what was wrong with his ride. Mike told the cop he had air ride and was trying to properly adjust it and walked away with a ticket for "chassis dragging."

Dragger of the Month
Jason "SHAGGY" Lambert is our dragger of the month. His '92 Mazda B2600i throws mad sparks thanks to a 2-1/4-inch body drop. This picture was taken during Domination the Video's drag session at Scrapin' the Coast '05.

Product of the Month
For this month's product of the month we bring you STS Performance's custom cam grind and 1.6-ratio roller rockers for all '94-'03 2.2 4-cylinder S-series trucks (S-10, Sonoma, and Hombre). Their custom cam grind will not affect any smog laws and it will add 14+ hp. There is a core charge, so you will receive your custom cam without any down time. STS can also do custom grinds for turbo applications or any custom specifications. Their gold race needle-bearing fulcrum, roller-tip, and extruded aluminum rocker arms increase your rocker arms' ratio to 1.6 and add 10+ hp. Packaged together for a special price or sold individually. For more information, contact (562) 531-6328 or check out

MT Tattoos
Run one or run them all. We don't know about you, but we can't get enough of the mini-truck-inspired tattoos. This has to be the most popular section here, as e-mails pour in daily with crazier and crazier body art. It seems as if mini-truckin' and tattoos just go hand in hand.

Mod of the Month
Jamie Cutler of Cali-style Maryland locked down our mod of the month for May. You can always count on mini-truckers to dig up the latest and greatest parts from other vehicles and put them to greater use than the factory intended them for. Jamie managed to fit in a Venetian-style sunroof out of a Pontiac G6. The sunroof features four panes of glass and looks right at home on Jamie's Ranger.

MT Junior of the Month
Jacob is the son of Jeff Davy, owner of Devious Customs. Jacob is three years old and is the middle child of three. He loves riding his quad and is always the first one down for a ride in the hot rod, Harley, dirt bike, or custom truck. He spends his days at the shop hanging out, playing shop rat. He likes to help build, clean, or just watch and learn what's going on at the shop. He is a true mini-trucker, and we're all in trouble when he's able to hold a torch. He also loves beer.

Hard Luck of the Month
Ricky from Indiana's Blazer burnt to the ground during a tragic table tennis mishap. That's about all the info we have for this one, except for a word of advice: kids, don't play with matches. Now, Ricky, hit us up for your FBI certificate; we would use it towards a fire-resistant roll pan.