Hardluck of the Month
No one has had worse luck than the unfortunate victims of Mother Nature. This year's round of hurricanes left many people homeless or worse, and mini-truckers all over the states have united to help fellow mini-truckers who have been affected by the tragedy. Brett Jackson from Natalbany, Louisiana, is a die-hard mini-trucker who unfortunately got hit pretty hard in the hurricanes. It actually rained 4Runner on his block, and his Nissan Hardbody that he was working on was totaled. We know it's just a small start but take the FBI certificate and put it to work for your next project. When you start on your next truck, keep us updated!

Only a Mini-Trucker. . .
. .would body drop a mail box! How cool is that? A fully functional body-dropped mailbox. We'd love to see the look on the mailman's face when he's trying to stuff your latest issue of MT in the mailbox without scratching it because last time he tore your mag you decided to "borrow" the right-hand drive rack from the mail truck for your latest project. Oh well, at least now you have a better excuse for late bills. Try telling them you didn't get the bill because it wouldn't fit in your mailbox that's been body-dropped 5 inches. If they tell you that you should have stock-floored for more room, then we know who will be in next month's "Only a Mini-Trucker."

Rendering of the Month
Doug Thayer from Forbidden Motorsports is in the process of finishing up this badass '92 Toyota 2WD standard cab pickup, dubbed Forbidden 'Yota. The truck will feature a stock floor body drop with Kustom Werks control arms. Exterior modifications include a Street Beat ragtop, shaved handles, an ass-end with a single LED strip along the bottom, 4Runner front end (grille, lights, bumper), and 4WD front fenders. This little Toyota will be laid out on a set of 20-inch Neeper N5s. The House of Kolor's two-tone paintjob will consist of Lamborghini Green and a dark silver split with an orange tribal.

MT Stickers
Aight, listen up very carefully. To get your hands on the new Mini Truckin' stickers you need to follow these directions explicitly. They are $1 a piece, but if you use a check or money order don't make it payable to anything (leave it blank). Next, you must include a self-addressed envelope, at least a 4x10 because the stickers won't fit in the small envelopes and they will have to be bent (and who wants a bent sticker?).

Mail to: Mini Truckin' Stickers2400 E. Katella Ave., 7th FloorAnaheim, CA 92806

So, let's review: bigger envelopes and send cash. We'll send you out some stickers ASAP to use and abuse. Have fun, fellas!

Ticket of the Month
Joshua Chapin from Salem, Oregon, rightfully earned his Suicidedoors.com certificate because he keeps it real with his mini-truck. He drives it low despite the local po-po and has the tickets to prove it. This particular ticket, he was hit with Operating Unsafe Vehicle, which we've all gotten busted for at one time or another (in my case 6 times for that particular offense!). He was cited for no mirrors, no ground clearance, nonstandard lighting, and illegal window tint. Josh says it's slowed him down from finishing his ride because he's always paying for the fines.

MT Tattoos
This category gets harder and harder to pick just one, so we'll keep running a collage of cool mini-truck-inspired tats until we get low on submissions. From club pride to magazine pride, mini-truckers really do represent for life when it comes to ink!

Product of the Month
Miller is at it again and has come out with a whole new line of Big Window Elite welding helmets. It's added five new killer designs that complement its legendary line of welders and other equipment. The Big Window Elite helmets feature a 30-percent-larger viewing window than the standard lens, which provides maximum viewing capability while retaining its lightweight edge. Four independent arc sensors ensure optimum lens performance on low-amperage TIG applications and out-of-position welding. For more information, contact: Miller Electric Mfg. Co., (800) 4-A-MILLER, or check them out at www.millerwelds.com.

Go Ahead, Rip Your Roll Pan Off
Anthony Wells is just one of those crazy mini-truckers who can't help but drag. Potholes, manholes, or uneven road doesn't dissuade him. He's down pretty much anytime and anywhere. This picture was taken after he caught a manhole and lost his tag box. This roll pan has been torn off and rewelded three times now, so it's definitely about time for a new one. And this is exactly why this section has quickly become the most popular one-Grant sheetmetal is a godsend for all those crazy mini-truckers out there.

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