Well, it seems like lately there has been something new and exciting to introduce in every single issue - and that's because there is! We haven't stopped with the improvements, updates, new designs, and best of all, adding things to the rag each month that you really want to see. For this issue, the latest round of mods include a more specific, new and improved Lowdown section, along with a mug shot, where we're going to take pictures of the owner of each truck from now on so you can actually put a face to a name. Granted, there are still tons of trucks we've shot without mug shots sitting in our feature file, but in the future expect to see more and more features with this cool new tidbit. We're also going to cover some of the actual buildup of various feature trucks, because for most of us, the buildup is what it's all about. In addition, we'll do our best to show you more suspension and detail shots so you can take a closer look at what these rides actually look like underneath and can use some of the detailing and custom cues on your own mini.

But the thing we have been working the hardest on these last couple of months, and the thing we're the most proud of, is our new Mini Truckin' Lyfestyle section. We created this section as a chance for you to become more involved with the magazine and the mini-truck scene as a whole. We really wanted to give something back to the readers who have faithfully supported their favorite magazine year after year, so Chad and I teamed up to put together the most extensive lifestyle coverage of its kind. We wanted to have fun with it, and really want you to have fun reading it, but we also wanted to give you a benefit you can appreciate - free stuff! Everyone loves some free stuff, so we teamed up with a couple of the biggest names in the industry - such as FBI, Grant Kustoms, and Suicidedoors.com - to start a fire under your butt and get you all to submit some cool lifestyle happenings in your own neighborhood. This section can only be as successful as you make it, so check it out every month, and if you have something cool to contribute, don't hesitate to slap a stamp on an envelope and send it our way.

In fact, we put so much work into the new MT Lyfestyle section that I needed a little vacation - and what better way to spend a vacation than at a show? Thus, I headed back to Maui to cover the Second Annual Hawaiian Isles Autofest (Yeah, I know it's a rough job, but someone's gotta do it!) and took a few extra days to relax and clear my head, not to mention check out all the beautiful scenery Maui has to offer. What I didn't expect to happen was that I would soon come to have a second family in Maui after getting to know some really cool people a lot better. Also, a handful of buddies actually made it out to the show as well. I really got to spend some quality time just hangin' out with many people I see a lot of but don't really get to spend much time with.

That's one thing I really do need more of - just some plain ol' hangout time, because the shows get so crazy now, what with flying in and shooting the show, gathering features and cover trucks, and flying back home. This leaves very little R&R time with the peeps. Insert cheesy Jerry Springer's final thought here: Life is to be lived and enjoyed with friends, so do your best to share as much time as you can with people you care about and you will truly be your happiest. Well, enough of that mushy crap. What are you waiting for? Hurry up and check out this month's labor of love. L888888.