Because We Can . . .
In order to truly reach our goal of bringing this magazine back to you and capturing more of the hard-core scene and lifestyle, Chad and I teamed up to go behind the scenes and give each and every one of you an all-access pass to help create the best damn mini-truck magazine there is. In the spirit of the once-popular Mini Laughter section, we have decided to bring back a fun section that pertains to the mini-truck lifestyle.

The success and impact of this section has a lot to do with you and how much you participate. We have set up many areas of this section that are inspired by and directly influenced by you. In addition to all the cool individual sections, we will also be doing club profiles, shop tours, cruise nights and hangouts, truck build-offs, and all the other awesome things out there that strengthen the mini-truck scene but never get any attention. Check out what we will need help with and what you can be expecting, and send in contributions (just make sure to send all necessary info and pics as well as a way to get a hold of you) to our e-mail address at, or write to us at:

Mini Truckin' Magazine
Attn: MT Lyfestyle
2400 E. Katella Ave., 7th Floor
Anaheim, CA 92806

Hard Luck of the Month: Presented by FBIWe all have tons of sob stories about a dilemma our mini-truck has caused us. Tell us what happened to you or your truck and make us feel sorry for you by combining a cool story with a good picture. You could win yourself a $150 gift certificate from the awesome crew over at FBI to help ease your pain and maybe even cover a blown 'bag or whatever else your buddy might have screwed up on your truck. Check back here each month, as the winning story and picture will be posted, and also check out to see how you might spend your free money!

Modification of the Month
Send us good pics and an explanation of that cool, original, and innovative idea that sets your mini-truck apart from the rest, and the winner will be posted here each month for ultimate braggin' rights.

Go Ahead, Rip Your Roll Pan Off:
Presented by Grant Kustoms

Send us your pictures along with a short story of your torn-off roll pan to get a chance at winning a free Grant Kustoms roll pan. The best picture each month wins -- it's as easy as that. The sheetmetal masters are willing to replace your jacked-up, dragged-off, man-hole-cover-grabbing, previously-a-roll-pan roll pan because they love what they do, and better yet, they love what you do.

The giveaway roll pan will consist of a basic roll pan with a license plate box, if requested, along with free shipping to the continental U.S. The roll pan can be upgraded at an extra cost. Check out www.grantkus and see what the company has to offer.

Break-Dance Move of the Month
In the spirit of Breakin' 2 Electric Boogaloo, we will portray a break-dance move of the month done by yours truly, the MT staffers, just for your laughing enjoyment. E-mail or write suggestions for our next move. However, since we happen to be professionals, some of these moves should not be attempted at home, and generally work best after a six-pack.