Last month, we gave you a quick rundown of what you can expect in the near future, most of which is focused on going back to the core of the mini-truckin' lifestyle - you, the reader. These next couple issues, you will see that we're working triple overtime to fill our pages with valuable information, the coolest trucks, and well-thought-out, complete packages. We want to know you're paying attention, so we really would like to hear from you to see what you think. Drop us a line at and tell us how we're doing!

With one full issue behind us, we're finally getting settled into our new positions and really getting to focus more on the look and feel of the magazine. You'll notice we put together something a little different than previous issues. First, you'll see a dominant theme: The Retro Special. To make this special worthwhile, we hunted down the coolest retro mods and put them all together in a unique seven-page feature. We also did something completely different with the cover-truck feature. Since we've been doing the cover-truck poster (which adds two pages to the cover feature), we've been able to really give the best trucks out there the coverage they deserve. For this issue, we took that one step further and did the first-ever right-hand-open cover feature spread (so the cover feature opens like its own book) and dedicated five full-color pages to the feature. We also went another step further with our theme by adding a pinstriping tech article. This complete package puts Mini Truckin' magazine way ahead of the game, and if you thought this was the best magazine on the shelves before, wait and see - because we're just getting started!

So enough of Mike Alexander "The Editor" babble, what's Mike Alexander "The Mini-Trucker" been up to lately? Well, I just got back from Missouri after checking out Midwest Dragfest, and I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised. With people such as Justin Walters and his crew, I know that mini-truckers are in good hands and have a lot to look forward to with these up-and-coming shows. I was worried this year that after some not-so-cool things went down at a few shows, we might lose more good shows to the immaturity of a few. However, there are new shows sprouting up all over the country that have really focused on showing the people a good time without getting super out-of-control. We as a community control the future of our pastime and hopefully this is the year that we can all step back and say, "If we want to continue to meet and hang out with the coolest people, build the coolest rides, and have a good time doing it, then we'll shape up as a whole and make it happen." Let's vow to one another that we won't keep letting these shows disappear because of something we can control.

On that note, as I sit writing, this weekend we're headed to our First Annual Sport Truck and Mini Truckin' Havoc show. For this show, our main goal is to put on a really cool truck show that will be fun for everyone, including the night parties, draggin', and so on. Since this is our first attempt to add a worthwhile show to the mini-truckin' scene, we're hoping everything goes really well so that we can have your support for next year's show. Look for extended show coverage coming next month, and if you attend the show, we'll want your feedback as well, mailed to the previously mentioned e-mail address. Thanks again for letting me speak my mind - and for actually reading this whole editorial! See you soon. L8.