This past weekend, your faithful Mini Truckin' magazine editors (aka Mike and I) took off to Lake Havasu, Arizona. We went to offer our support to our brother titles Truckin' and Sport Truck, as well as to cover the Truckin' and Sport Truck spring break near the London Bridge in Lake Havasu City. The famous State 2 State Cruise took a bunch of trucks from Cali' over the border into Arizona, and everyone who works for the Truck Group division at Primedia was present and accounted for by Friday evening.

After the arrival party at the London Bridge Resort, a lot of us stayed at the bar and hung out. By hang out, I mean we drank our fair share of medication. By medication, I mean we got hammered. It was a ton of fun until someone in the parking lot drew too much attention to themselves and the cops came up to the bar to chase us all back into the building. You know, after a few Red Bull-and-Kettle One drinks, you start to think the whole world is yours to roam.

Well, it only makes sense that if your own staffers were enjoying being over 21, plenty of others in town for the show were doing the same exact thing. To say the least, we all had a pretty good time enjoying our evening before the show, and everyone at the bar stayed very down to earth and chilled out. It wasn't until afterward, when we went back to our hotel, that I saw something that made me wish I had been sober enough to have done something about it.

When we went back to the hotel, everyone went back to their rooms - at least I did. I needed to chill out before I could go to sleep. Energy drinks tend to make you do anything but go to sleep when you drink them at night. Although they're nice when you wanna stay up, they're not so smokin' when you want to lay down and get some rest before dawn. Not too long after I closed the door to my hotel room, I heard a bunch of noise coming from outside my room. Always being the nosy type, I opened the door wearing nada but my skivvies to find out who was making the racket. Since I had plenty of liquid courage in me, I was ready for anything. Unfortunately, I'm a total wimp when it comes to my feet, and I wasn't wearing any shoes. What I saw next really pissed me off. A pair of morons standing about 45 feet from my door were throwing glass bottles at traffic. I stood there barely able to believe my eyes, that people in town for a truck show (it was obvious from their attire) could possibly act that way, trying to damage other people's rides.

After seeing them throw at least a half-dozen glass bottles toward the street, I felt sick to my stomach. I couldn't believe that I was, in any way, affiliated with people who would indiscriminately try to damage vehicles with no thought as to the safety or property of others. That's when I decided that maybe mini-truckers would never grow up. You see, this sort of crap happens at almost every show you go to, except I'm usually fortunate enough to be nowhere nearby when it happens.

This lead me to wonder if there will ever be a time when we can go to a show and not worry about people getting hurt because someone doesn't have enough brains to keep themselves and their group on a semi-short leash. There's a reason why there aren't hardly any good shows left to go to in California. There's also a reason why we can't go back to La Paz County Park in Parker, Arizona, for river runs. There's a good reason why people hide their trucks until the day of a specific show. It all boils down to being far less responsible than we all should be. We're all lumped together as a bunch of mindless idiots because of the moronic actions of a few people who just found out what it feels like to get away from mommy and daddy for the weekend with a six-pack.

What I'm getting is that the future of our pastime is uncertain. We can't move forward without younger people getting involved with mini-trucks. However, if most of those younger people keep acting like little morons every time they step into public, the only thing the masses will think when they see a body-dropped truck is "there goes another one of those bastards." I, for one, don't want to be lumped into that category. I'm willing to lead by example and have always tried to. If we don't control our actions, we'll all be unwelcome wherever we go. I can't stand to think that we, as a group, will be kicked out of any more places than we're already not allowed in.

I'm all about people having a good time, but we all need to step back before this show season gets rollin' and think about what we do before doing it. Young enthusiasts are looking up to you, even if you think they aren't. They're looking to you to show them the way to build a badass truck. They're also looking to you to lead by example. Until next month, enjoy yourselves and keep you and yours in check.