Billet Wheel
Dear Mini Truckin',
I've seen a couple of Rangers floating around in your show-coverage pics that have aftermarket billet steering wheels. However, after making a few phone calls, it seems like there must be a trick to doing this upgrade, because I can't seem to find anyone who makes a steering-wheel adapter for this truck. Do you know how I can put an aftermarket steering wheel in my '00 Ford Ranger? If I do end up doing this, will I have to get rid of the airbag? Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated, and keep up the good work.
via e-mail

Hey David,
When it comes to finding things that aren't readily available, the first place we always check is Silver Star Customs. Clyde at Silver Star has a knack for doing the impossible, so whether he needs to build you one specific to your steering wheel, or if he can just find an install kit for you, he would be the first person to try [(662) 342-6763,].

Mini Truckin' Auto-Body Class
Dear MT,
I am a dedicated reader and mini-trucker. I am writing on behalf of my 12th-grade automotive class at Buckeye Career Center in New Philadelphia, Ohio. We just wanted to say that we think your magazine is the best. We all look at each new issue to check out the latest mini-truck happenings and to stay up to date on the most innovative modifications around. I own a '99 Chevy S-10, and with the help of your tech articles, I have lowered it, shaved it, and am currently installing a full FBSS air-suspension system. I'm a firm believer in the phrase "real rides are built, not bought." That's why we do all our own work. We continue to look forward to each and every issue, so keep bringing us the best hard-core mini-truck coverage. We look forward to seeing you guys out our way.
Alex Turner
New Philadelphia, Ohio

Hey Alex and the rest of the Buckeye crew,
Thanks so much for the support and dedication you all show to our sport, our magazine, and our way of life. We absolutely love the automotive technology classes around the nation, because they teach you first-hand many of the skills needed to build a killer mini-truck yourself. With the skills you guys are picking up, we know we'll be seeing your trucks around, modified by your own hands and laid flat on the ground. You guys keep up the good work in school, and you'll be well on your way to building feature trucks in no time. If you see us out your way, make sure to come up and say hey.