Dear MT Staff,
Please find enclosed some shots of a truck that appeared in the Feb. '04 Ridin' Around section that I think would make a perfect fit in the MT Graffiti section. I remember an editorial Lance wrote about people draggin' their trucks and tearing them up after all the hard work that they'd put into them. The thing is that this fellow went to all the trouble to make brackets for drag blocks so he won't tear the damn thing to pieces and can still drag to his heart's content. The blocks were put on for a show's "drag 'n' brag" contest. I want to see these pictures run in the mag because I can't wait to see the look on the owner's face when he realizes that he's busted for draggin' in town. I'm his father, and like all college kids, when they're away, they will play. He was just taking a new girlfriend out for a ride in his truck when he was caught in the act by a night cruiser. The cop happens to know me, so he sent me the still shots. Please find room anywhere to run this photo so that I can have the last laugh. I'd greatly appreciate it. My son and I have a very close relationship, with me being a single parent for 10 years, so this is my way of saying, "I told you so son. I was once young, too." Thanks, guys, for all you do at Mini Truckin'.
Proud father of one, Steven Reitz
Seale, Alabama

Hey Steven,
Instead of just placing the picture in the MT Graffiti section, we did one better and ran it in the Paper Cuts department so all could read the story behind the photos. We are definitely game to help out an awesome dad such as yourself surprise his mini-truckin' son with an "I Spy" photo of your boy doing what boys do best. It's pretty funny that he got caught in the act showing off for his girlfriend - we've all done that once or twice, huh? We think that it's great that you know some cops in the area well enough that they would send you a few snapshots of your son out on the town. It's even funnier that he has no idea you sent these pictures in to show him that you are always watching. It's also very cool to see that you obviously support his mini-truckin' habits both good and bad. Now if you can just get him to clean his room, you'll be well on your way to a Father of the Year award. Thanks again for the picture, Steve.

Mini-Trucker at Heart
Hey MT,
I want to start by saying that I drive a '97 Subaru Impreza. Yes, it's lowered. Yes, it's loud, and yes, I'm a car freak. However, I've been reading Mini Truckin' for almost three years now and am seriously considering getting one. My ideal ride would be a newer Taco' Xtracab or a Nissan Hardbody. I want something that's clean and simple that sports a badass paintjob. The reason why I got so interested in mini-trucks is the people. Take a look at the import scene. It's always "I'm faster than you," or "I'm louder than you," and so on. In the mini-truckin' community, it's more like "Let's make your ride lower than mine," or "Wow, your paint is really nice." It's about lending a hand when it's needed. It's about layin' low, throwin' sparks, and blinding people with your paintjob. I just love it. Even though I'm not a real mini-trucker, I'm one at heart.
Shaun Witmer
Pine Grove, Pennsylvania

Hey Shaun,
Seems to us that you are a real mini-trucker - all you need is the truck. Mini-truckin' is 80 percent personality and 20 percent truck, so you are 80 percent of the way there. We're sure that in not time, you'll be on your way to customizing that Taco' of your dreams and putting the import days behind you. Once you've tasted a little of the mini-truck scene, you'll get sucked in full-force and there will be no turning back. You'll love it, trust us.