Each month, I sit down and attempt to put a few ideas into perspective for the readers of Mini Truckin' magazine. Most of the time, I try to be inspirational with the topics of my editorial. I usually try to find things to write about that will drive readers to the garage to work on their trucks so we're not scrambling around next year trying to find decent trucks to fill the feature pages of Mini Truckin'. Sometimes, I try to get all of you to think about how you're interacting with each other. Most of the time, I try to find ways to fire up my own enthusiasm about mini-trucks - a topic that I've been writing about professionally since May 1995.

That's right. This issue marks the 10th year that I've been able to work on the very title that's had me salivating over custom trucks since I first lowered a ride back in 1988. Good God, I've been working on MT a long-ass time! In 10 years, I've worked on 120 issues of MT; I wonder how many features, tech articles, and shows I've added to the flavor of MT over the years. Wait, I don't think I want to know. It's too mind-boggling. Just writing this, I now realize why it's hard for me to just sit down and crank out features and other magazine content at times.

Over the years, I've learned so much about people, trucks, and magazines that I sometimes can't remember what it was like to start out as a pup. That's partly why it was refreshing to hire Mike Alexander a year and a half ago. He started as someone who had no magazine background whatsoever and had to learn how to cope with the publishing business from the ground up. Even though there are times, such as at the end of an issue, when we both feel ground up, the job is always fun. Granted, the business is nothing like it was when I started out. It's a whole new ball game now. For the most part, it's a whole lot better. Even the parent company we work for has improved drastically over the course of the past few years. It's now, once again, a pleasure to publish a magazine. Somehow, the company that was once interested only in the bottom line wants us to put out good-looking and high-quality magazines and is willing to back it up 100 percent.

Recently, I attended a conference put on by the upper management that runs our parent company, Primedia. The conference was meant to help us put together better-looking magazine covers, using aspects that will more prominently speak to the readers of the various publications we produce. Over the years, I've worked with several regimes in charge of the company that mandated to the magazine staffs what we could and couldn't do to publish the magazines targeted at enthusiasts in the many genres we cater to company-wide. Now, we're being encouraged to do what we've always wanted. Why does this matter to readers of MT? On the whole, it really doesn't. However, we've been granted the artistic freedom to push the envelope of putting out a magazine that's as cool-looking as it can be a whole lot more often.

As it stands now, there are likely to be even more new things coming to Mini Truckin' than you've already seen. In the past few years, we've done tons to change the appearance of the magazine to better suit our audience. Now that we have full control of the magazine's throttle once again, we're chomping at the bit to start flexing more of the creative influences that make us the enthusiasts we are. We're hoping that by giving our readers something that they may not be used to, we'll not only gain new readers but also gain new faith in those who have always supported the only magazine on the planet that caters to nothing but mini-trucks, mini-truckers, and good times. Now, if we can just get more guys into the scene and building trucks, we'd see a rise in the pastime that we haven't enjoyed since the mid-'80s. Who's with us? I can't wait to see our pastime become absolutely huge again. Seeing minis rolling the streets all the time and not just seeing a slammed ride once in a while would be a dream come true.

With ideas we've been carrying around that we never could use because of the state of things, publishing magazines is now being made easier and more challenging than ever. Mini-truckers simply love a good challenge, though. We, as a group, have no higher passion than to do something that others claim isn't possible. To that, I say, "Bring it on." Enjoy the newest issue of Mini Truckin'!