Although my column has only run for a couple months, I've already received plenty of positive feedback, along with a few questions on one of the main topics. Most of those questions have revolved around the whole nationwide reflector collection series that I began back in the Oct. '04 issue with the first Draggin' Thru column. This month, I'm going to address the process and the idea for the MT Road Trip Road Dot Collection to shed some light on exactly what's behind the whole collection.

What I'm working on doing right now is having a giant banner made up of the entire United States, with a transparent pocket that can house a reflector from every single state. The tricky part is having this done the way I envision it, but the rest is pretty straightforward. The way it works is, I grab a reflector from every single show I attend out of state, but it can't just be handed to me - that would be way too easy. Every single reflector that finds a home on my map has to be broke free while we are draggin' down the road. We means you and I - I have to be riding shotgun for the reflector to be valid for the collection. This way, I won't receive 9,000,000 reflectors in the mail, but more importantly, I'll get to drag down the road with as many of you as possible, collecting reflectors nationwide.

Once we drag down the highway and bust a bunch of reflectors free, we have to go out and collect the ones that didn't get destroyed. I'll pick the one in the best condition, which will be dated and marked with the city and state, the show, and your name. After I get the map made up, the reflectors will be filed away in their respective spots, and the collection will hang on the wall here at MT headquarters for all to see. I know this won't happen overnight, and there are probably many states it'll be hard to find a show to attend or even make it out to. With your help, though, I know we can make the MT Road Trip Road Dot Collection a success and eventually have the first complete 50-state reflector collection.

Another thing I'm working on to help unify the mini-truckin' community is to make an updated nationwide list of shops and clubs to help people around the country stay connected with each other. For shop information, I need the name of the shop, phone number and Web site, what type of work is performed, and the address. As for clubs, I need the name of the club, the president's phone number and contact information, the number of chapters in each state, with contact information for each respective chapter, along with any club Web sites. Please send the information to: Draggin' ThruAttn: Mike Alexander774 S. Placentia Ave.Placentia, CA 92870

After I collect as much of this information as possible, we'll put together a few more guides to help keep you guys stay updated and informed. I also encourage everyone out there to really help and support the new guys just getting started in the scene. Lend a helping hand and try not to be negative to those less knowledgeable than you because, hey, we all started somewhere, right? Until next month, go cut something up. L8.