Nearly a decade ago, I walked through a small show outside of Phoenix and stumbled across a 'bagged, white Tacoma with blue flames. By all accounts it was clean and simple—a great daily driver with a pumped up stereo system. While looking it over, a college kid popped his head out, smiled with a set of teeth that dwarfed Sarah Jessica Parker's and walked over to introduce himself as Oliver Porter. I would later find out that it was his Father's gift of gab, which he possessed that made several hours of conversation seem to fly by.

Around 2005, he decided to rip the truck apart and take it to the next level.

Oliver's Tacoma made the rounds over the next few years, hitting shows, getting new work done and being featured in every major truck magazine on the newsstand. Around 2005, he decided to rip the truck apart and take it to the next level; bodydrop, chop top, suicide doors, fully shaved, one-off bed, one-off taillights, stretched back window—the list of mods was extremely long and the amount of miles between shops that he trusted were even longer.

Throughout the second build, Oliver nearly trekked across the entire country, debuting mods from Devious Customs and IF Customs in yellow and blue primer. During Oliver's tenure in the minitruckin' community, he has produced a library of DVDs covering the scene with Domination the Video as well as the very first Low Life Video.

Just about the time when everyone thought his project had stalled out, the truck was loaded up and shipped to Sprengel's Innovative Kustoms in Belleville, Illinois. After mulling through several renderings from Nick at Surface and getting some input from friends, the House of Kolor gold paint scheme was given the go-ahead.

There is a special feeling you get when a 10-year project finally gets finished and blows away every expectation that you had for the truck. It's a feeling that gives the rest of us with stalled projects sitting in the garage a glimmer of hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel—and that light isn't attached to a train.