Owner: Von Chounlamany
Ride: 1967 Toyota Stout
Hometown: Douds, IA
Club: Negative Camber

A build like this works best when the puzzle pieces themselves beg to be put together. Von “LoAsian” Chounlamany was in the middle of getting his ’84 Toyota ready to show, but then this Stout came along. Soon after, he heard about a ’93 Toyota with an LS1 under the hood for sale dirt-cheap. Not one to pass up on such a steal, Von swooped on the engine and went into a four-month minitruck binge.

Von first cut the front clip off the ’93 Toyota he had just bought and set the rear end of his ’84 onto the frame table. He then measured the Stout’s wheelbase to get a good idea how to fabricate a new frame. The motor had to be set back 4 inches, and the floor and cab mounts had to be rebuilt due to the massive amount of rust and decay left behind by each passing year. With fresh sheetmetal in place, and the frame fully painted, Von looks back at the process and gives us a little insight behind the 120 days he put into the project: "I really learned how to wire after working on this truck. I think I soldered 120-plus joints and heat-shrunk all of the connections."

What sounds like a tremendous amount of work really wasn’t that bad for Von. “I think this was the easiest build I’ve ever done because nothing had to be perfect. I just wanted the truck to be safe and functional.”

Maybe now, he’ll spend some time with his other projects, but if not, we know he’ll be shredding the streets with this Vette-powered, classic mini.

The Lowdown

Rolling Attire
Wheels: Stock ’79 Toyota pickup hubcaps
Tires: 195/75/14 Primewell

Chassis Modifications
Suspension (front): ’Bagged with stock ’93 Toyota spindles
Suspension (rear): Three-link with ’bags on lower bars
Control Arms: Stock, notched for steering
Shocks: Stock
Compressor(s): AIM DC5000
Air/hydro Accessories: 5-gallon tank, RideTech Big Red valves, AVS switch box
Frame Mods: Laodies Kustomz SFBD frame
Performed By: Owner and Jason Chounlamany

Body Modifications
Shaved: Nothing
Bodydrop: Stock-floor
Body Mods: Old wood bed floor, army ammo-can toolbox
Bolt-ons: FJ40 taillights
Performed By: Owner and Jason Chounlamany

Brand & Colors: Stock white
Performed By: Toyota

Seats: Stock
Gauges: Scan Gauge II for engine
Performed By: Seats recovered by Jay “Yogi” Trotter

Engine: Chevy LS1
Camshaft: Stock
Intake: LS1
Header/exhaust: Custom
Transmission: 4160E
Rearend Type: ’84 Toyota pickup
Detail Work: Wire tuck
Performed By: Owner

Special Thanks From Owner
"Thanks to my parents, my brother Jason, Adam Cox, Matt “Jugs” Wilson, the Negative Camber guys, and anyone else who helped out along the way."