Owner: Shon Curtis Reece
Ride: 1988 Toyota Pickup
Location: Easley, SC
Club: Relaxed Atmosphere

There’s no sense in holding onto a completed build for too long. It eats up valuable garage space, has to be handled too delicately, and quite frankly, the thrill of the chase just isn’t there anymore. This is how Shon Reece assesses the situation once he’s reached the pinnacle of any project: “I named my ’88 Toyota pickup ‘Traded’ because when I finish a truck, I trade it off and find something else to start on.”

Shon has been involved in the sport of minitruckin’ for a total of 18 years now, and since then, the pedigree of his builds has become increasingly sophisticated. One thing that hasn’t changed about the way Shon builds trucks is his method of funding the project. Sponsorship parts on his Toyota are non-existent. Nothing but Shon’s own hard-earned cash and credit cards were used to pay for every bolt and drop of paint, and he wouldn’t have had it any other way.

The Toyota had been previously ’bagged and bodydropped by Tony Mooney when Shon purchased it, leaving him with everything else to worry about. He dove right into bodywork, shaving the door handles and bodyline and welding the tailgate shut. Once the metal was flattened out and tailored to his liking, Shon then devised a paint scheme that would draw attention from across the street. Plenty of industrial machinery parts and demented skulls as well as layers of glowing tribal and traditional flame graphics have been applied to the ’Yota’s panels. The combination is nothing short of an attention trap.

You’d think anyone in his right mind would want to keep a Toyota like the one that Shon now has on his hands, but a builder of fine rides must look into the future. There isn’t a single regret or even half a doubt in Shon’s mind about the finished product, “Nothing can go wrong when you are doing something you love. I think the build turned out great, and I wouldn’t change a thing.”