Owner: Brandon Anderson
Ride: 1994 Toyota Pickup
Hometown: Onalaska, TX
Club: Aftermath

The story of this Toyota starts at the Group Therapy Customs compound in Spanish Fort, Alabama. Joey Millfelt had purchased the slightly modified truck with the intentions keeping it a clean everyday driver—a feat that never seems to work out with guys who know their way around a set of tools and a plasma cutter. He managed to stick to his vow for three long years and caved shortly thereafter. Within another year, Joey completely blasted his truck to pieces and rebuilt it from the ground up into how it currently sits today. The ’Yota was now ’bagged, ’bodied, and rocking fresh sheetmetal and paint, as well as a brand-new Chevy small-block. Things were finally looking up for this former slave to the daily grind.

As soon as every intricacy was painted and polished, Joey debuted his creation at Scrapin’ the Coast. It was at this show that Brandon Anderson first experienced love at first sight. He tracked Joey down, made him an offer to buy his truck, and surprisingly ended up with the keys to the freshly fabricated showpiece. From that point on, Brandon, along with his tasty piece of auto eye candy, have toured the Louisiana and Texas show circuit with a vengeance.

Along with some help from friends Andrew Adams and Shay Wiggins, who was just getting his start-up clothing brand, Why-Wear? noticed on the scene, the Toyota began its purpose-driven victory lap around the South. If the Why-Wear? label doesn’t ring a bell, or if their mission statement is unclear, think of it simply as a T-shirt line with soul. The guys and gals behind the company promote strong family values and Christian morals within the custom lifestyle we are all a part of. In no way are they pushing their viewpoint down anyone’s throat; however, they are merely taking a stand for their beliefs in the hopes of establishing a common ground among likeminded car and truck enthusiasts. Brandon made it a personal mission of his to utilize the Toyota as a rocker-laying messenger of the gospel while on the road or at shows.

Even though religion isn’t everyone’s cup of java, it’s impossible not to admire guys willing to go against the grain and put their views out there for others to either respect or spit on. If you’re at a show, and see Brandon’s slick ride next to the Why-Wear? booth, stop and give it a closer look. If nothing else, there’s no denying that this truck will appeal to Jews, Christians, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and heathens alike.