Owner: Jonn “Jahfar” Farr
Ride: 1990 Toyota 4Runner
Hometown: Indianapolis, IN

Jonn Farr was two years into building 6-Pack, his 1980 Dodge D50 (June ’10) and was looking for a nice reliable daily to drive back and forth to work. He got bored with the Buick he had purchased and stumbled onto what has evolved into the Rum Runner.

The Internet is a dangerous place to be when you have money to spend and are crazy about building insanely cool trucks. Jonn found a classified ad online for a righthand-drive, bodydropped Toyota 4Runner that he couldn’t get out of his mind in the days that followed. He made the fateful call and spoke to the 4Runner’s seller. They talked for a bit and settled on what seemed like a good deal on a cool project that would definitely be unique when it was finally finished. But, Jonn ran into a couple of speed bumps. First off, he lives in Indiana, and the truck was in Oregon—a distance of just over 2,200 miles. And to make matters more strenuous, Jonn was leaving for El Salvador on a Habitat for Humanity trip in four days, but he needed to see the truck firsthand as he didn’t want to get stuck with another secondhand, butchered project truck, so he booked a flight to the Pacific Northwest after the brief conversation. Once Jonn arrived in Oregon and inspected the truck, he discovered that its condition was just as advertised: well put together, it ran and kind of drove, and it even came with a parts truck with a seized motor. Jonn explained his situation, left a deposit, and headed home to prepare for his trek to Central America. Both the 4Runner and the parts truck arrived at Jonn’s residence in the middle of the week while he was away, and the delivery guys couldn’t get either of the trucks up the driveway so they left them at the curb. Oh how Jonn’s neighbors must love his incurable minitruckin’ habit.

Jonn dug around to find out where the 4Runner had been and who had built what. He immediately rid the Toyota of its hydro setup, plumbed in an air-ride system, and got it starting and stopping. The truck picked up a mysterious nickname along the way, The Porn Runner, but Jonn couldn’t find out where the affectionate moniker stemmed from. It was discovered that the truck was actually a Busted Knuckles feature in Sport Truck back in the day, and construction of it began in Texas with David Collins. When he eventually lost interest in it, the 4Runner was parked at a storage lot in Las Vegas where Mike Demello rescued it and proceeded to take it to Mike Lemore’s shop in California. From there, the details get fuzzy about who did what and why, but Jonn doesn’t think much was done after Lemore sold it off. Jonn was currently in the middle of building his 6-Pack project, which was eating most of his time, so his newly acquired 4Runner remained untouched for some time. When free time presented itself, Jonn worked enough of the kinks out to be able to drive it around town. It was checked into a shop for a while to have the wishbone setup built, but they only completed half of the work before they shut their doors and closed up shop. Jonn’s new Toy did make it out to a couple of shows in the Midwest and even won best under-construction build at Havoc East Coast.