Owner: Chris Grantham
Ride: 1990 Toyota Pickup
Hometown: Ontario, Canada
Club: Prize Possessions

Some say a lack of money, a hectic work schedule, or intruding family members can put a real damper on planning for a wedding.

While all three factors can certainly take the wind out of a happy couple's sails, none of these problems presented themselves to Mr. and Mrs. Chris Grantham during their planning stages. The speed bump that they did run into came in the form of a '90 Toyota pickup. Chris had already started cutting it up but was forced to set it aside due to life's many time-eaters. Luckily, Chris was about to wed a woman who supports his hobbies and who wholeheartedly encouraged him to finish the build so they could cruise to the church in style.

In the first two years of ownership, Chris managed to 'bag and 'body his Toy, but having a child, working full time, draining the bank account to pay bills, and going back to school all played their part on lessening quality one-on-one time he had to spend with his project. The 'Yota sat untouched in the garage for two more years. It began collecting cobwebs and layers of dust and was almost forgotten about until the couple's joyous day crept closer. When the idea of wiping the truck clean and picking up where he left off presented itself, Chris jumped at the opportunity. He spent an entire year making up for lost time in order to prepare his pickup for the big day.

Aside from the paint, Chris built this truck on his own, and believe us, the list of modifications is quite extensive. From shaving and tubbing to machining and sandblasting, Chris took a very hands-on approach while creating what would later become the guest of honor at his wedding and a welcomed member into his new family. Who needs a stinkin' limo?

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