Owner: Berry Trulove
Ride: 2001 Toyota Tacoma
Hometown: Smyrna, GA
Club: Severed Ties

Having two prior Mini Truckin' features under his belt, Berry Trulove has lived through the trials of creating a ride that is simultaneously admired and envied by its onlookers.

Berry has previously built a '94 Ranger and a '96 4Runner, but ever since he laid eyes on the four-door Tacoma when it hit dealerships back in the day, he knew instantly it was the truck that he was going to take to a whole other level some day. Looking for a good excuse to buy his dream truck, Berry was actually propositioned with an opportunity to build yet another custom mini, but this time his creation would be debuted at SEMA. Not one to ignore a stroke of luck, Berry began shopping for the cheapest double-cab '01 Taco he could find, and with the help of PowerBass USA and a few other sponsors, the road to the Las Vegas Strip began with the fabrication of a scratch-built chassis.

Since Berry was really only interested in the cab from his upcoming purchase, he began building a frame to go underneath it long before he took ownership of a donor Taco. Utilizing a '90 Toyota pickup front clip, a '90 Supra independent rear suspension, and a 2x3-1/4-inch frame, the impressive rolling chassis was completed and actually towed by Berry's new Tacoma to his friend's shop, where the body was lifted off and secured onto its new foundation. With a little finagling, the pieced-together beast was now tucking 20s at each corner, with 10-inch wides at the rear thanks to the rearend being shortened 8 full inches.

Considering Berry's Taco was to be shown front and center for PowerBass at the big show, the interior had to be completely outfitted with an entire audio arsenal aimed at blasting the cab right off the frame. A crazy center rear console was stuffed with four 10-inch PowerBass 3xl thumpers, and a slew of speakers were sunk into the front and rear fiberglass door panels. PowerBass certainly got what they were after in recruiting Berry to prepare a tasty chunk of eye and ear candy for their SEMA booth, and even though Berry is grateful and ecstatic about the chance to build his holy grail of minis, the 11-month road to Sin City was anything but a cruise.

Over the course of prepping his Taco for the world's eyes, Berry learned a lot about himself. Building his truck from the ground up, on top of working a 60-hour-a-week gig, revealed to him just how dedicated he is to crafting custom rides. Although he's happy with the outcome of his cover truck, Berry would like to spend another year with it to perfect the little things that were rushed in order to meet the SEMA deadline. If this thing isn't considered perfect, we'd love to see how much differently it would look with a little more attention paid to it.

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