Owner: Ryan Payson
Ride: 1994 Toyota Pickup
Hometown: Peoria, AZ
Club: Negative Camber

For Ryan "Cashkilla" Payson from Peoria, Arizona, minitruckin' has been a way of life since 1997. He bought a 1984 standard cab Toyota from a friend and proceeded to hack it up and pound it down to the ground.

He loved it and drove it everywhere, giving him the start to his minitruckin' lifestyle. After getting his hands on three other Toyota minis and having his way with all of them, Ryan fatefully stumbled upon a 1994 model at a used car lot in Phoenix that was destined for greatness. Although it had been previously customized, Ryan inked the deal so he would have something to show at the very last Reso' show since all of his other projects were still in the build phase. He had no plans whatsoever to take this truck further than its mildly tweaked condition, but that's never something any custom aficionado really means when he says it.

Ryan swiftly turned up the heat on his newly acquired ride and started spicing it up to meet his own personal taste. From the rebuilding and rearranging of custom work that was already in place came a fitting new alias for the project. "Reheat" was the stage name appropriately given to this Toyota, and the heat is ever apparent in its flaked-filled flames and new improvements.

There's something to be said about clean, everyday custom work, but the new modifications that were executed on Ryan's watch are by far a thousand degrees hotter than what had been done before. A ton of effort went into creating the slick bed, and the slightest of details were given to the paint, which can only be truly appreciated when closely examining the wheels and licks in person. Of course, the road to completion is always a bumpy one, but Ryan spent countless hours sanding it smooth. And when we say sanding, we literally mean it, as he reached for the gritty stuff himself and worked out the rough spots until both arms were rubberized. He made it a point to stress to us how much of a chore it was. "I hate sanding. I did most of the prep work myself, which meant I taped and re-taped, then taped some more. I sanded the wheels like four times and lost count how many times they were masked off. Jimmy Red was the mastermind of the graphic job, but I was there assisting every step of the way."

Ryan's reheated Toy quickly escalated to the top of the food chain among his collection of ongoing projects. Although it only started out to serve as a substitution for his main dish, which wasn't too far off from being servable, Ryan's latest build wasn't left to simmer for long. Instead, it was brought to a rapid boil and now sits as one of the tastiest morsels to ever start out as a stale leftover.

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