Owner: Brandon Lambie
Ride: 1989 Toyota Xtra Cab
Hometown: Bakersfield, CA
Club: Freaks of Nature

We are all about old-school, retro-inspired paintjobs, and seeing Brandon Lambie's 1989 Toyota Xtra Cab garbed in colorful, multi-patterned '90s attire had us feeling a little sentimental.

"Pinky," as Brandon affectionately calls his 'Yota, isn't a one-color, one-trick pony as anyone can clearly see. Its skin has been pigmented with airbrushed cheetah-fur graphics and elements of traditional, hot-rod-inspired flames mixed with tribal flavor. House of Kolor Hot Pink Pearl is, of course, the thematic star that pulls the supporting cast of colors together to recreate the wild look that once defined the minitruckin' scene. Being a painter at Kal Koncepts also doesn't hurt when it comes to creating the perfect time-capsule paintjob mixed with some new tricks.

Pinky, although standing apart as a show-worthy piece in its own right, was solely created so Brandon would have something to take to events until he wrapped up his in-progress Tacoma build. It seems a bit overwhelming to have two, full-blown custom projects piled up, but guys like Brandon live for this kind of action. Having so many modifications going on, he learned to pace himself and be patient so as to not have to back-peddle, which can and will lead to wasting more time and even more money. Along the way, Brandon even acquired some new skills like learning how to properly bodydrop his 'Yota-something that pumped his pride when talking about his ride at shows.

Aside from trying to free up time to spend in the garage, Brandon struggled with a few variables that we can all relate to. Money, and the lack thereof, often throws a wrench in the works, so instead of doing things the "right" way, he had to jumble the order of completion around to make things happen. First, the suspension was handled, followed by a few body mods and a monotone hot pink paint bath. After that, things got crazy, as the bodydrop took place next with the crazy paint and the interior/stereo work trailing shortly behind. After two and a half years of bouncing around back and forth, Brandon finally stacked up enough chips and cleared enough time from his busy schedule to complete his hot-hued, throwback mini.

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