Owner: Jeremy Jenkins
Ride: 1994 Toyota Pickup
Hometown: Wheelersburg, OH
Club: Drop Mob

Sometimes building a custom vehicle doesn't always have to start with something in the stock form.

If you've already been down the custom road before, then you can find a project vehicle that someone else has started on and due to unforeseen circumstances they have to sell it, giving you a great start. Or in the case of Jeremy Jenkins from Wheelersburg, Ohio, you come across a custom truck that has not only been finished but has been featured in this very magazine.

Even though Jeremy bought a feature vehicle, that doesn't mean he had it easy getting it to the show-winning state that you see here. The truck was originally built by Bubba, who was one of the original members of Pebble Pushers, and he took the truck all over the East Coast both showing it and driving it. But life got in the way after it was featured, and he wound up parking the truck and eventually had to sell it. From there, what we're told is that it was sold a few more times before Jeremy finally got his hands on it, and the 1994 Toyota had seen its fair share of abuse and neglect, knocking it down a few notches from its original feature glory.

After deciding to give the truck an overhaul, Jeremy did a complete once-over, taking notes of what needed the most attention. The suspension had seen better days, the body had its own share of dings, bends, and gashes, and the interior was pretty worn. Knowing that he wanted to build this truck back into a show-winner like it once was, Jeremy tore it apart and started addressing a few of the issues one by one. The first thing he did was to update the worn suspension and fix a few brackets that were pretty beat up to ensure the Toyota would drive as good as it looks. Once the truck was back to being a safe vehicle to drive, it was on to the body, which also needed a ton of TLC. Jeremy sanded down the body and proceeded to fill in all the dings and knock down the high spots before a solid coat of primer was sprayed to create a smooth base for the hot-rod orange paint and the real fire ghost flames. Several of the interior panels including the dash and console were also stripped to receive this new the Orange Crush look. Much of the interior was also torn apart for new coverings and updated to Jeremy's liking before he was finally happy to show and drive his latest creation.

Once Jeremy had his truck in the condition he wanted, it was time to take it to some shows and enjoy his pride and joy. With a little time to enjoy his new Orange Crush cruiser, Jeremy assures us he will be up to some new tricks soon enough. Check out the Lowdown for the down and dirty of this rebuild.