Rolling Attire
Wheels: 20X8 Detata Double D
Tires: 215/30/20 Toyo Tires

Chassis Modifications
Suspension Front: Superior spindles, two-ply Contitech 'bags, Rancho 9000 shocks, four Tork valves
Suspension Rear: 14-year-old Firestone 2500, Custom four-link TCI lower bars, custom triangulated upper, Rancho 9000 shocks, four Tork valves.
Control Arms: Tubular upper arms, custom triangulated and reinforced lowers by Intense Kustum
Compressors: Two color-matched Air-Zenith
Air Accessories: Firestone paddles for front leveling, two dual needle Firestone gauges
Frame Mods: Notched rear, custom raised front crossmember
Brakes: Stock with color-matched drums, relocated CPP master cylinder with dual diaphragm 7-inch booster
Performed By: Brad Haber at Intense Kustum, Chris Daley, and Brian Jendro at the original Chop Shop

Body Modifications
Shaved: Door handles, hood squirters, mirrors, gas door lock, and interior door locks
Body-dropped: 2.25 inches by the original Chop Shop
Bolt-ons: 4x4 frontend
Misc.: Walk-thru by the original Chop Shop, Speedliner underhood and in bed, flipped tailgate handle
Performed By: Body mods and paint by Chris Daley and owner

Brand and Colors: Mitsubishi Biscayne Green Mica with two additional bottles of gold pearl, and House of Kolor candy organic green intensifier in the base
Performed By: Latest paint done by Chris Daley

Seats: Acura Integra
Material: Suede/leather
Center Console: Custom fiberglass covered in medium gray
Flooring: Three-piece dark grey carpet
Misc.: Accumat in doors and bed floor, SPAL power windows
Performed By: Intense Kustum

Head Unit: Eclipse
Mids and Highs: Kicker SS65.2 separates in the door, tweeter in the kick panel
Amplifier for Mids and Highs: Kicker KX850.2
Subwoofers: Kicker two S12l7 and two Solo-Baric
Amplifier for Subwoofers: Kicker KQ30 equalizer, Kicker KX2500.1 amp
Misc.: Scosche power and speaker cables, connectors, distribution blocks, and stiffening cap
Performed By: Brad Haber at Intense Kustum

Camshaft: Mild Street
Header/Exhaust: Downey Header, custom pipe all the way out the back, Magnaflow muffler
Transmission: Stock five-speed, relocated clutch master cylinder
Detail Work: Polished: upper intake, valve cover, MAF sensor, radiator, misc. painted items, all vacuum lines clear yellow, all front end sheetmetal bolts switched to stainless steel Hex bolts
Chromed: Custom intake tube, misc. brackets, wiper motor cover, engine pulleys, and oil pan-that's right.
Misc.: LC Engineering injectors
Performed By: All polish, paint, and accessories by owner, chrome by Totally Polished back in 1996

Special Thanks from Owner:
"The wife and family, Brad Haber at Intense Kustum for all the custom work and help getting this thing done, Chris Daley for the years of work on the truck, Eric Scarlett, Cary Iaccino, Buffalo for starting it all, Gumby, Kicker, Detata Wheels, Scosche, Toyo Tires, CPP, and SPAL for all their great products and support."