Owner: Jim Sanders
Ride: 1993 Toyota Pickup
Hometown: Simi Valley, CA
Club: Art Of Noize

There is an unexplainable, almost paranormal force that sometimes surrounds a truck and its owner just before the big photo shoot.

This isn't some isolated, freak occurrence, as we've heard countless stories from countless truck owners about airbags, tires, and even engines blowing up at the absolute, worst possible time imaginable-just minutes away from their spot under the limelight. Of course some fellas have it worse than others, and Jim Sanders, from Simi Valley, California, definitely got a mighty healthy dose of the shaft when trying to get his 1993 Toyota in front of our camera during the last 13 years. You may or may not recognize Jim's truck as the Alpha McClean Cruiser that was featured in some MT tech stories in 1995. Jim took delivery of the truck in February of 1996 and jumped right into fixing it up.

But it would be years and not months before Jim would see any flash bulbs go off, or hear the clicking of a camera shutter. What he did experience, however, was picking up pieces of his truck time and time again after it had been the victim of three hit-and-run accidents while it was parked. Walking out to your pride and joy all smashed up just once would be enough to really get under any custom truck owner's skin. But three different times and occasions all before scheduled photo shoots! Seriously, who the hell hits a parked vehicle, much less the same truck three times? Unless you completely lose control of your car by swerving to avoid an adorable newborn baby (or maybe a really cute puppy) in the middle of the road, there shouldn't be any acceptable excuse to smash into a parked car and just leave, no note, no "I'm sorry" - nothing but smashed in quarter panels. Some people just don't deserve the air they breathe!

After hearing about Jim's tough luck, we couldn't help but sympathize with the poor guy. Seeing all the backbreaking work and dedication being flushed down the commode time and time again would be enough to drive any man to the brink of homicidal intent toward whoever was personally responsible for the damage. With that said, any other guy would have folded that crap hand the first time it was dealt, but not Jim. He called fate's bluff by constantly putting his all into repeatedly rebuilding his truck for its much-deserved close-up right here where it all started, Mini Truckin' magazine.

Jim didn't cut any corners during the entire buildup process, and with plenty of amazing detail to boot, his Toyota is much more than just a pretty face. If you don't believe us, check out the Lowdown to find out for yourself.