The Lowdown
Rolling Attire
Wheels: Sartori 20-inch S-5 rims
Tires: Nitto 235/25ZR20 NT555

Chassis Modifications
Suspension Front: Draggers Inc. Mustang 2 front clip, Slam Specialties 'bags, Tin Shop steering set up, QA1 shocks
Suspension Rear: Draggers Inc. back-half
Control Arms: Draggers Inc.
Shocks: QA1
Compressors: Air-Zenith OB2s
Frame Mods: Full Draggers Inc. chassis front to back
Brakes: 13-Inch Baer with four-piston calipers
Misc.: All bushings from Energy Suspension, Devious Customs Fuel Cell
Performed By: Terry at Draggers Inc.

Body Modifications
Shaved: Everything; door handles, taillights, tailgate, roll pan, corner lights, cowl, antenna, key holes, and more
Body-dropped: Stock-floor full frame
Body Mods: Fenders molded to cab and cowl, Grant Kustoms bumper sectioned and molded to fenders, full custom firewall, hood welded shut then center section cut for new hood. The fenders brought in eight inches and braced and boxed. The grille was sheetmetaled over to make the whole cab and front end one molded piece. The sub enclosure is welded as part of the cab and the bed is sheetmetaled hiding the sub box, but showing off the frame, Air-Zenith OB2s, two Kinetik 1800s, a Devious Customs' fuel cell, and the suspension. The back of the bed sheet metal is rounded to match and follow the dovetail of the frame
Suicide Doors: hinges
Performed By: Terry from Draggers Inc., Art and Dave at Go-Ez, Mike Cotton from Midwest Images, with help from Lou Santiago

Brand and Colors: Auto Body Paint & Supply's PPG Santiago Gold. Eddie Macias hit it with a flattener to give it the suede look
Performed By: Eddie Macias did all the paint for the SEMA crunch, then Moonshine customs fixed some bodywork and repainted using the same Auto Body Paint and Supply, PPG Santiago Gold

Seats: Twisted Stitch
Dash: All metal, right-hand drive
Gauges: Dakota Digital dash cluster, Air-Zenith black face digital gauges
Misc.: Auto Loc interior power window switches, B.A.D. Steering wheel
Performed By: Terry from Draggers Inc.

Head Unit: TKO
Mids and Highs: Two sets of Orion 6.5 two-way components, one set mounted in custom kick panels, the other set built into the dash
Subwoofers: Two Orion HCCA 12-inch 4-Ohm Subs, in custom all-metal enclosure welded to the back of the cab
Amplifiers: HCCA-D5000 for the subs, and an 800W four-channel for the components, custom amp rack in the roof of the cab
Misc.: Directed TVs and Viper 7900 alarm
Performed By: Greg Mamendola, Robbie Friedman from South County Auto Sound, Terry, and Mike Alexander

Engine: Wally from the Tin Shop is working on a 350 with Truckin' Magazine's resident gear-head Bob Ryder and goodies from Summit Racing and Auto Loc. I hope to have something planned out by the time you read this, but who knows, it might be back in storage, or traded to NR Big Mike for his 88-98 dually, just kidding Mike!
Rearend Type: Custom 1984 Toyota rearend by Mike Cotton at Midwest Images using Yukon gears and Superior Axle shafts

Special Thanks from Owner:
Well I was going to save this for my Lowlife Video feature, but I'd like to thank Chad Lucas and Josh Freeman haha. But seriously, I'd like to thank my mom, the lovely Jenny Lucas, Coco & Petey (my dogs), Paul from Air-Zenith for years of friendship and support, Lowlife Video Mike and Mini Truckin's Mike Alexander, Terry from Draggers Inc, Lou Santiago and Mike Cotten for coming down and helping with the SEMA crunch build. Devante Whitaker, Lil Tim, Seth the Jew, Big John, TC from Slamfest, Eric Cryan, Big B, Jason Red, Diesel Gear Dave, Dan Ward, Bob Ryder, Calin Head, Mike Finnegan, Michael R. Panda, Johnny O, Jewish Timmy Blecker, Christian and Tattoo John, Just Dave, Fat Dave, Jimmy and the crew from Scrape-N-Customs, Bruce R.I.P., the beautiful Hannah for doing my first studio shoot. A big thanks to No Regrets, Ernie, Big Jay, Lil Steve, Painter Shak, E-ron, Munchies, Juan G, Ricky, Tiny, Tyson, Yankee, Big Shawn, Scott -R.I.P. AND all my brothers from Japan to Australia. They are the real reason I decided to finish this beast, they're the best group of guys I have ever had the honor of being a part of. The friendships I have gained since 2005 have inspired me to not give up, and keep building. All of the people listed above have in one way or another inspired me to keep going and not give up on my truck. I consider each and everyone I have named in this feature a true friend. Thanks guys, you're the best!