After that, Bob's workload had more than doubled and it was hard for him to find time to work on his own truck, unfortunately the Toyota was pushed to the back burner. As the saying goes, the shoe maker's daughter goes barefoot, right? Eventually Bob got an offer he couldn't refuse and traded his pride and joy for a 1957 Nomad, a 1955 four-door Chevy wagon, a 1957 Chevy two-door wagon, and two parts cars. The next phase of Twisted Metal's existence was through Jeremy Mosley, a member of Bob's Severed Ties Nor Cal chapter. Jeremy bought the truck from Kevin shortly after Bob traded it away to him and had plans of giving the Toy-Blazer the finishing touches. After getting it up and running, fine-tuning the suspension, and driving it to a few shows, Jeremy also ran out of the time and money necessary to see this project through to the finish. Jeremy ended up trading Twisted Metal for a past MT feature truck from Dave Prater.

Bob traded the truck away for a final time.

Jeremy Mosley began to bring the Toyota back to life slowly but surely.

Dave Prater from the Nor Cal Forbidden Fantasy chapter was on a mission and was the final piece to this puzzle. He wanted to make sure that this iconic minitruck finally got the recognition it deserved and wanted to finish Twisted Metal for all to see. He worked a deal with Jeremy and traded his past Mini Truckin' Toyota feature truck for the 1982 Toy-Blazer. Jeremy had already put some work into the truck, helping to bring it back to life, but Dave had a plan of attack to finish it in full hot-rod fashion once and for all. With the help of Cheese and some of his other FFF club buddies, Dave tore Twisted Metal apart and began to go to work. Building an all-metal hot-rod style dash and center console, detailing the motor and suspension, and prepping the body for a smooth black paint job, Dave wasn't messing around. Dave teamed up with Victor Monge of R&A the Autopolster and Bill Flynn to wrap the seats, door panels, and finish off the interior with a clean tan hot-rod feel. Dave spent a solid four months making sure everything was straight and giving Twisted Metal the overhaul that it deserved. Dave sprayed the Toyota with a deep black that accented the amazing metal work performed by Bob Grant. After a long four months, Dave and his buddies stood back and knew they had finally brought this historic mini back to life.

Twisted Metal is finally complete after more than 15 years in the making. Even though this truck has been in the hands of many, it was Dave who took on the challenge head first and vowed completion. Being Dave's first cover truck, this is truly an accomplishment. As he's had a few trucks grace these pages we know we haven't seen the last of him and his crew. For more information and pics on this trucks history check out the Timeline along with the Lowdown.