Rolling Attire
Wheels: 17x7 Centerline Boulevards with Satin Centers
Backspacing: 5 inches
Tires: 215/40ZR17 Hankook

Chassis Modifications
Suspension Front: 6-inch chrome hydraulic cylinders with accumulators and no springs
Suspension Rear: Four-link, custom bridge, 12-inch cylinders on powerballs with accumulators
Control Arms: Heavily modified stock arms
Pumps: Two pumps with a shared plexi whammy tank, Marzocchi Pump Heads, billet bearing caps, pumps run at 24v
Hydro Accessories: Two Optima batteries in each toolbox to run each pump
Frame Mods: C-notch, custom-made and relocated crossmembers
Misc.: Dumps, slowdowns, and all other plumbing hidden under bed, hard lines under bed, all metal work left bare and coated with Gibbs Penetrating Oil for a natural finish
Performed By: Owner and Nfamus Air Suspension

Body Modifications
Misc.: Tranny tunnel notched in back for driveshaft clearance, rear wheeltubs raised with filler panels
Performed By: Keith at Nfamus Air Suspension

Brand: Stock, buffed-out, military graphics courtesy of Krylon and reverse stencils
Misc.: Hot-rod inspired pinstriping front and rear
Performed By: Owner

Misc.: All original with Fatmat on floor and back wall
Performed By: Owner

Head Unit: Kenwood CD with iPod connect
Mids and Highs: Sony Mobile ES 6 1/2-inch components in custom fiberglass kick pods
Performed By: Owner

Engine: Toyota 8RC with 18R high-compression head
Header/exhaust: Muffler mounted under cab
Transmission: Stock four-speed
Detail Work: Hidden hard brake lines under rearend
Misc.: Engine turned mech. fuel pressure gauge, 13-gallon spun aluminum fuel cell in bed
Performed By: Owner

Special Thanks From Owner:
"My mom and dad, my wife Wendy for putting up with the long nights and all of her help. Ben 'The Beejer' Holt, Keith at Nfamus Air suspension for making all this happen. Derek at Hydroholics.net, Angel at Synthetic Designs, Aurelio at A&M Customs, everyone at dfwminis.com for their support, Jay at The Hack Shack, Big TJ, Eric Pierce, Old Gregg, Seth from Twistedminis and everyone else who helped out that I forgot to mention here. And of course Mini Truckin' magazine for the awesome feature!"