The Lowdown
Rolling Attire
Wheels (Front/Rear):
Staggered 19s Tenzo-R wheels with custom color-matched brake covers behind wheels
Tires (Front/Rear): Nankang 235/35/ZR19 and 245/35/ZR19

Chassis Modifications
Suspension Front:
FBI torsion bar brackets and Firestone 2,500-pound 'bags
Suspension Rear: FBI reverse four-link and Firestone 2,600-pound 'bags
Shocks: Toxic gas
Valves: 1/2-inch SMC
Compressors: Two Viair 380s
Frame mods: FBI C-notch

Body Modifications
Wiper cowl, gas door, corner and parking lights, and antenna
Body-dropped: 31/2-inch traditional
Front end: Lexus IS 300 headlights and grille shell, 4Runner bumper, upper and lower billet grilles
Back end: Hand-made combo with Dodge Caravan bumper lip
Taillights: Smoked
Misc.: 4WD fenders, handmade cowl hood, flared bedsides, Lexus tag box, tubbed firewall using stock S-10 bed tubs, sheetmetal trunk with fuel cell and battery, teardrop bed tubs, radius bed corners, color-matched bedliner
Performed by: Steve-O's Rods & Customs
City/state: Lake Charles, Louisiana

custom mixed PPG //GMONEY\\ Green
Performed by: Steve-O's Rods & Customs

Honda Civic
Material: Two-tone leather done by Larry's Upholstery
Dash: Smoothed and painted
Door panels: Wrapped in leather
Center console: Harley Davidson Sportster gas tank with matching Sportster primary chain shifter
Flooring: Bedliner
Misc.: All plastic pieces smoothed and painted, and stripped and painted stock steering wheel
Performed by: Steve-O's Rods & Customs

Head unit:
Panasonic touch screen
Mids and highs: Sony components
Performed by: Steve-O's Rods & Customs
AEM cold air
Battery: Kinetik
Performed by: Steve-O's Rods & Customs

Special Thanks by Owner
Crick Daddy for the parts, Brady B. for his eBay account, JJ for "putting the heat to it", and Larry's Upholstery. Also my girlfriend Megan, and all the guys in Negative Camber for the support. And last but definitely not least, my Dad, Steve Johnson, for all the hours spent helping me with the truck -I couldn't have done it without him.