The Home Town Low Down
Rolling Attire

Wheels: 18x7.5-inch Alba Blaze
Tires: 215/35ZR18 Wan-Li

Chassis Modifications:
Suspension type:
Suspension (Front): 8-inch Pro-Hopper cylinders
Suspension (Rear): 10-inch Pro-Hopper cylinders
Shocks: Four Parker accumulators
Pumps: Two Pro-Hopper Pro-Competition pumps
Lines: 3/8-inch .049 wall stainless steel hard line
Air/hydro accessories: 10-switch panel molded into center console
Batteries: Three Optima BlueTop
Detail work: Fiberglass panel to cover dumps and accumulators, painted to match the graphics
Performed by: Jimmy Red, Arizona Artworx
City/state: Phoenix, AZ

Body Modifications
Rear wiper and emblems
Taillights: TYC Euro taillights
Exterior bolt-ons: Upper and lower billet grilles
Performed by: Jimmy Red, Airizona Artworx
City/state: Phoenix, AZ

Brand and colors:
House of Kolor, more than 30 colors
Style: Bio-mechanical meets tribal
Misc.: Airbrushed skulls in the paint, rivets around the door handles, custom fades, and lots of little details.
Performed by: Jimmy Red, Arizona Artworx
City/state: Phoenix, AZ

Misc.: Dark blue suede door panel inserts, suede headliner, and a Budnik steering wheel
Seats: Dark blue and light gray suede with waterfall stitch
Performed by: Todd Jubert, The Interior Shop
City/state: Phoenix, AZ

Head Unit:
Kenwood double-din DVD player
Speakers: Alpine component set front and rear
Amps: 1 JBL four-channel amp under the driver's seat
Performed by: Owner Joey Whitby

Special Thanks From Owner:
This build is dedicated to my son, Tyler. Without him, this wouldn't have gotten done.