'90 Honda Prelude with chopped headrests
Material: Charcoal suede with green leather inserts
Dash: Stock and completely shaved, smoothed, and painted
Door panels: Custom-built door panels with fiberglass inserts painted to match graphics
Center console: All steel console molded into the floor and cab wall with cup holders
Flooring: Bentley ultra-plush charcoal carpet with suede inserts and custom floor mats
Headliner: Custom built, formed headliner all suede
Gauges: Dakota Digital gauges
Misc.: Every plastic piece was smoothed and painted, custom-built smoothed cab wall with radiused corners, custom suede shiftboot, sectioned stock shifter, smoothed doorjambs with no wires, shaved door lock and seatbelt holes, and custom-built pedals
Billet: BAD steering wheel custom painted with one-off Severed Ties horn button, Lecarra adapter, cup holders, Kaik "Mike Alexander," Lokar shift ring, Lokar door handles, and shift knob
Performed by: Owner Kyle Bertsch, Larson's Creative Concepts, Ross Johns, and AJ Renner
City/state: Bismarck, ND

Head unit:
Pioneer deck
Mids and highs: Audiobahn component set
Wiring/accessories: Pop-up plate, air switches, compressors, gauges, and lots of fun
Performed by: Owner Kyle Bertsch
City/state: Bismarck, ND

Chromed, custom-built with Ricey filter
Header/exhaust: Custom-built from header back, new muffler, exhaust done in aluminum POR 15
Ignition: Relocated
Driveshaft: Smoothed and painted
Rearend type: Smoothed and painted
Battery: Optima with Cyber Green top
Inner fenders: Rolled fender lips for tires
Detail work: If it wasn't chrome-able, it was painted or polished. More than 60 pieces of chrome on engine and chassis, motor dropped 1.5 inches, sectioned stock oil pan, extended and relocated wiring harnesses, custom-built steering shaft, '82 4x4 Toyota clutch cylinder raised and relocated, relocated brake booster, shaved and tubbed firewall
Misc.: Stainless fuel and brake lines, and a billet wire loom holder and caps
Performed by: Owner Kyle Bertsch
City/state: Bismarck, ND

Special Thanks From Owner:
My mother, father, and sister Kayla for all their help, support, and dealing with my six years of neglecting them because of this truck! AJ Renner for all the help and the amazing paint, Val Renner for the shop space, John Larson from Larson's Creative Concepts for the airbrushing and interior work, Trevor Anderson, Grant Kustoms, Ross John's for doing the seats, Corey Hochhalter, Adam-Girth, Steve-O, Mike A., Chad, Grant, Shawn, Buck, Jamey Jordan, Seth from, all of my ex-girlfriends who didn't stick around long enough to see this thing finished, my club Severed Ties, and anyone else who I forget to mention, thanks!