For this year's Construction Zone Special, we decided to pay homage to some of the coolest garage-built rides around by giving them more than just a single page of glory! Check out what some of the coolest under-construction rides look like from around the world, and use this as motivation to go cut on your own garage-built rides. Maybe we'll see your ride in these very pages soon enough.

Owner: Joey Griffin
Ride: '88 Toyota Pickup
Hometown: Monroe, North Carolina
Club: Pebble Pushers

19-inch Konigs with Nitto Tire rubber

'Bagged all the way around with 1/2-inch valves, York engine-driven compressor, and a Pete and Jake's four-link

Body Modifications:
Molded bed seams, shaved taillights, a Grant Kustoms full-skin combo, 10-1/2-inch Hitech LEDs, suicide driver door for fat-guy comfort, passenger door stock for skinny girlfriend, and a '91 Toyota 2WD bumper

Toyota Celica seats and a Sony head unit

Weber carburetor

Special Thanks from owner:
My girlfriend Molly for her support, my parents, my cousin Michael, and all my friends for their help, Grant Beaver for the bodywork, Kyle Gould for all the metalwork, and Pebble Pushers

Future Plans:
Finish the interior, Z-frame and 20-inch wheels, 4WD fenders, and two-tone paint

Project Completion Date:
Who knows?