Chris Persinger might have single-handedly brought back Mini Monster trucks into our minds, as well as our hearts. For years, we've all seen these trucks parked among the body-dropped and 'bagged minis at most of our shows nationwide. Usually they're covered in trophies and glistening in chrome, yet overlooked. However, Chris' truck doesn't only call for attention, it demands attention. Looking at this truck takes time and a clear mind, because taking in this much detail in one sitting could cause your mind to explode. It just comes down to a crazy amount of detail and this truck has it all: big paint, big wheels, big motor, and detail up the you-know-what.

Chris has been a part of the minitruck scene for 10 years and is also heavily involved with the off-road scene. The desire to build this truck came from his love for minitrucks and the need to build something different. Chris almost built the entire truck by himself, including the custom front suspension. According to Chris, "The worst part was painting everything and then trying to put the truck back together without scratching it." Of course, we all can understand that. Just look at all that chrome, polish, and paint to assemble; kind of like a big puzzle.

After 10 long years and being told it might never happen, Chris' dream of a feature in Mini Truckin' has finally happened. Chris said it's all been worth the effort and wait. "The trophies are nothing compared to the feeling of making it into the magazine!" exclaimed Chris. It meant the world to Chris to know he helped in bringing back Monster Minis to the mainstream.