Minitruckers are not known to be violent people, but sometimes we pick fights we're not destined to win. One day, while body-dropping his truck, Jason picked a fight with one of a minitrucker's best friends: the grinder. We're referring to a 9-inch grinder. The outcome was grinder: 1, Jason: 0, hospital: 1. According to Jason, the lesson was learned. "When fighting a 9-inch grinder, the grinder always wins," he said.

One battle Jason definitely won was the buildup of his truck. Jason started by taking the frame from a two-wheel drive Toyota HiLux and building it from there. He shortened the frame to fit the body of his 4Runner. "I'd seen a few 4Runners from the U.S. and loved them; they were my main motivation," exclaimed Jason. Once the frame was laid out on 20s, he was ready to fit the body back on.

The only major thing Jason really wished he would have done different was make more room in the back seat. "Right now, only little people fit in there. No real-size humans." Twenties was the biggest size that would have fit this truck. "If I had gone any bigger on the body-drop, the tires would have come through the top of the bonnet!" exclaimed Jason.

With a V-8 under the hood, big wheels, and a big body-drop, Jason is ready to roll. He loves the looks on people's faces when they see it lay out. Keep an eye out for Jason at all of the meets in the land down under. We're sure you'll hear him coming and take notice.