It's not very often that we hear people talk about their rides and they tell us they wouldn't change anything about their build. But, that's exactly what Justin had to say about the build of his '99 Toyota Tacoma. He loved every part of it and wouldn't change a thing. That doesn't mean it was without problems, though.

Justin told us, "The worst thing that happened during the build was I had to repaint the bed six times. The paint wouldn't stick for some reason. It eventually made it so that I had to take it to another shop to paint it." Besides that, it appears like it was smooth sailing for Justin and the crew of people who helped him build the ride. He started by body- dropping the truck 3.5 inches, to lay it lower to the ground. While he was at it, he 'bagged the front end, built a back-half for the rear, and built his own custom four-link for it. Justin had messed with minis in the past, but this time was a real learning experience for him.

From there, Justin went to his friend, Scott Williams, to do some mods to the truck and prepare it for interior and paint work. When it came to the paint, another friend, Jason Jones, was enlisted to paint the truck Big League Blue with a White two tone. Soon after this, the truck made it down to Cutter Customs where Darren Cutter finished up the interior. This was where the trash can from Home Depot came into the project. Notice the really cool vents? Well, while at Home Depot one day, Justin noticed a pretty neat mesh trash can that would finish off the vents perfectly. This just goes to show how ingenious we minitruckers can be.

Justin would like to add that he finished this truck for his 5-year-old son. His son was born when he started this project and Justin kept him in mind throughout the entire build.