Imagine driving down the road, when you notice that if you drive too low, your truck hits the ground a bit. That sounds normal, right? Now, imagine that you don't want it to smack around, so you take it to a shop to have them make it ride smoother. When you come back to pick up your ride, its body-dropped. But you didn't ask for a body-drop. That's exactly what Masachiko's buddies over at Omi Auto Bodywork did to him. Barchie, as he's called by his buddies, wasn't mad though, instead he asked himself, "why stop there?"

Next, Barchie opened his mind and opened up his wallet. Building a one of a kind truck takes a lot of time and money. Luckily for him, the truck was in good hands. What was important to Barchie was to stand out. One of his greatest inspirations for this truck came from Farfromluzen, which was a cover truck from MT, November of 2004. That truck was Brent Zuehlke's creation from Arizona, and it's been an inspiration to many, but for Barchie it was a passion, as well.

Barchie figured he wanted a similar design, and so that was the direction they headed. He was going to be the first truck with the motor in the rear, to hit the scene in Japan. Barchie told us, "Omi, builder of this truck who makes impossible become possible," has done an awesome job on his truck, so far. Now, he just can't wait to get his truck on the road and show fools what time it is when it comes to the local shows.

Next on the agenda, Barchie plans on some wicked interior to match the outside of his truck. Based on his ideas and the awesome work at Omi Auto Bodywork, we anticipate some craziness coming to the 2007 show season from this truck. We look forward to Truck Masters '07 Finale where we'll most likely see the outcome. Stay tuned.


Rolling Attire
Wheels (Front/Rear): 18-inch Alba Banks
Tires (Front/Rear): 215/35R18

Chassis Modifications
Suspension type: Air
Rear suspension: Swapped from ToyotaMR-2
Airbag/cylinder type and size:
(Front): 255c
(Rear): 255c
Shocks: Custom-made rear shocks
Valves: SMC
Compressors: VIAIR 480
Air line: 3/8
Air accessories: 5-gallon tank
Frame mods: Custom made from 2x2 square tubing
Frame material: Steel
Gas tank: Racing fuel cell under the front hood
Detail work: Chromed, polished and painted everything in sight
Performed by: Omi Auto Bodywork
City/state: Omitama City, Japan

Body Modifications
Shaved: Tailgate and others still on the way
Body-dropped: 4-inch traditional, 2-inches stock floor
Front end: Four-wheel driver sheetmetal conversion
Performed by: Omi Auto Bodywork
City/state: Omitama City, Japan

Brand and colors: Millano Silver
Style: Solid
Performed by: Omi Auto Bodywork
City/state: Omitama City, Japan

Displacement: 2000cc
Model/Year: 3SG-EU
Number of cylinders: Four
Performed by: Omi Auto Bodywork
City/state: Omitama City, Japan

Special Thanks (by owner):
To Omi Auto Bodywork.