This has to be one of the coolest stories that I've had the pleasure of being involved with. Vickie Hill isn't your average mini-trucker. Heck, she isn't your average mother. At fifty-one (yes, FIVE-ONE) Vickie has no signs of slowing down. You heard me right. Vickie Hill is one down chick.

Since age eleven Vickie has been engulfed in the custom scene through her dad and his love for cars. His enthusiasm for crystal-clean rides fueled her interests. A tomboy from the start, Vickie was more into jumping bikes and riding skateboards than playing with Barbies and Easy-Bake Ovens.

Vickie's first ride was a '68 Camaro RS with a 350 with dual carbs. She was happy, but when a ride would come by and dump their hydraulics, her heart would jump. She was hooked. As Vickie's life would continue and mature through several custom vehicles and one husband, a new path would have to be taken. One day on the freeway she spotted the most unlikely of candidates: a Toyota Tacoma. Rolling down the freeway, lowered with huge chrome rollers, the Taco screamed out to Vickie and she knew her next custom path.

With her Paseo trembling, it was traded in for a '99 Tacoma. Now having a canvas for her custom ambitions, away she went. But unfortunately it didn't last long, as an accident would total her ride after only one short month. Don't worry. This wasn't going to slow down Vickie one bit. With an insurance check in one hand and a burning desire for Tacos in the other, Vickie picked up a '00 Tacoma. Vickie wanted to incorporate the old with the new in her design. The ghost flames and airbrushed side molding is a good contrast to all of the carbon-fiber accents throughout the truck.

What's next on Vickie's plate? Plenty, we're sure. This is just one of the ten vehicles that she mentioned in her tech sheet from over the years. The mini-truck bug bit Vickie hard. She has all of the similar symptoms the rest of us have, including the compulsion to keep redoing her keep making it lower and lower. How low can she go? Give her time; I think she'll surprise us.