...then you're obviously playing with it, right? When Jamey Jordan started messing around with custom trucks, he had an '89 Bronco, which he soon realized couldn't become what he wanted in a custom ride. He then toyed around with a '94 Toyota, which served to teach him volumes about what he needed to do to build a head-turning custom. Then, in November 1999, Jamey bought another Toyota. This time, it was an XtraCab, which he began turning into one of the cleanest examples of a Toyota we've seen to date. On top of that, the look of the truck has been changed a total of three times, while still using the same base color to develop three different looks. Likewise, this is the third time Jamey's truck has been featured.

Each time we've come across Jamey's truck, enough has changed to give it yet another appearance in Mini Truckin'. Whether it's the way he executed the changes, or the use of the brightest, most attention-grabbing red we've ever seen, Jamey is obviously doing something very right. To make a fourth appearance, however, we think the truck will need a color change and more radical body mods. Luckily for Jamey, every time we see it, we fall in love with the bright-red Toyota all over again. It's hard not to become enamored with the truck, considering that there's really nothing anyone could ever complain about - the buildup is that clean

While shooting Jamey's ride, we saw that the most notable change was the return to 18- and 20-inch wheels. The last time we shot the truck, it was rollin' 14-inch wheels, with chrome hubcaps and whitewall tires lending to its retro theme. This time, though, big wheels weren't the only thing that had changed. When we approached the truck to shoot the details, we couldn't help but want to sit in it and get a huge sniff of the brand-new ostrich-and-leather interior. No interior of any of the trucks we've ever shot has smelled as good as Jamey's. Just when we thought we'd seen all it had to offer, we noticed a mirror mounted to the passenger-side floor of the cab. Sure enough, Jamey has his own floor-mounted mirror - the guy gets his own peepshow when giving his girly friends rides in his Toy'.

While the most current rendition of Jamey's truck is our favorite, we still miss the hubcaps and whitewalls. Although the newest look is beyond clean, it took a lot of guts for Jamey to style his ride in a retro-fashion last-season look . When asked why he's been working on his Toyota for the past three years and why he's so heavily involved with every show he can possibly get to, Jamey simply said, "I do it to drag on fools, and then steal their girls." Noble? We think so. Go, player, go!