Owner: Tim Davis
Ride: 1995 Nissan Hardbody
Hometown: Hendersonville, TN
Club: Relaxed Atmosphere

Tim Davis had a simple dream when he was in the 11th grade: He wanted to drive a truck like the one he has now. Money is usually short for the average high school scrub, which is the main reason why Tim’s vision didn’t materialize back in the day. The difference 20 years can make is astounding.

Don’t get the story wrong, however, Tim did have an ’89 Hardbody as a school kid, and it was customized, just not the way his current Nissan is. Back then, he was rolling his ride around with a ground effects kit, a Texas tail, and “fatty” wheels and tires. Tim would bounce ideas around with his good buddy Lucky in Economics class about the ultimate mini, but things have a good way of not working out sometimes. After graduating into adulthood, Tim managed to build a couple custom cars and trucks, but none even remotely resembled the mini hauler he once envisioned. The fire to build the truck in his imagination was sparked again after a trip to the ’08 Relaxed All-Star Event in Millington, Tennessee.

While at the show, Tim saw a few quality minis that pumped up his creativity. During the four-hour ride home, his mind was bombarded with new ideas and a refreshed outlook to finally getting around to bringing his high-school obsession to being. After shopping around for another Hardbody on the Internet, he found a two-tone blue and white, ’bagged and bodied specimen on 18s in Florida. He took a trip out there, shelled out some money, and drove it back to Tennessee where he ripped it all to hell to start creating his most coveted ride.

Tim would be the first to admit that he has learned many things along the way since his first taste of minitrucks back in the days of cheerleaders and detention. “Something that lives in your mind can still be built after 20 years of dreaming. My friend Lucky has stayed true to minis for over 20 years, and he introduced to a whole new level of the game.”

Tim still says that there are a few minor tweaks that need to be made in order to perfectly mirror the image that’s been lodged in his head, but one thing is for certain—the top will never be welded back on. Driving a convertible truck around town is something he’s wanted for two decades now, but he might need to unearth his old Econ book to rediscover the sketches and notes he initially used as his template years ago.