Owner: Anji Brown and Matt Vaughn
Ride: 1989 Nissan Hardbody
Hometown: Friendswood, TX

Anji Brown and Matt Vaughn put in some work to get the mini of their dreams. They spent some money a few years back and purchased a real bucket-an '89 Hardbody that they had to pawn off quicker than they would have liked due to a sad excuse for a 'bag job. They soon got rid of it and bought a '96 S-10 that was fully 'bagged and was decent in almost every category.

After it sat sidelined with engine problems, Matt and his dad rebuilt the S-10's engine and it was soon up and running like a champ. Everyone from Pearland to Alvin, Texas, knew their truck, and most guys who asked who it belonged to were always surprised to hear that a chick could be it's co-owner. "Yeah, the truck belonged to both Matt and myself, but just the thought of me driving it made everyone curious," says Anji. But as with any project, they sometimes lose their steam and end up getting scrapped for something fresh.

The time came for Anji and Matt to once again clear out the garage and put the Dime up for grabs. "Someone showed us another S-10 they wanted to trade. It was a single cab, but I guess fate made that guy back out. Matt got mad, but I told him that good things come to those who wait, then-BAM!-a guy came along with the Hardbody you see us with today wanting to exchange it with our S-10. The Nissan had a lot of things wrong with it, but we made the trade anyway." A few sleepless nights in the garage fixed that problem though.

In the span of three years, the couple moved up the ranks of the custom minitruck rungs by practicing strategic buying, selling, and trading. Maybe they'd have a knack for the finance game if they had a chance to practice their brand of coming up on Wall Street. In fact, they have nicknamed their newly acquired holding "Hella Good Trade," which is the most fitting description this truck could receive.

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