Owner: Randall David Ruth
Ride: 1993 Nissan Hardbody
Hometown: Van Buren, AR
Club: Freaks Of Nature

Many people would walk away from a build that was creeping on the 10-year point. More than likely they would call it quits and their project would never see the light of day. Luckily, this is not the case for Randall Ruth of Van Buren, Arkansas, as he stuck with his plan to build a sick Nissan Hardbody.

Randall got caught up in this lifestyle he has grown to love since '89 when his uncle, Curt Clayton, came rolling up to his house in a minitruck. Eleven years later, Randall bought his Nissan, and as soon as he got his hands on it, he couldn't leave it alone. He started with a big static drop and rolled the Hardbody for as long as he could stand it. He then 'bagged it, slapped on a set of 17s, and even used ball valves to get him by on the budget he was on just like we all did in our younger days. He did some bodywork to rid the truck of all the necessary things that always get in the way such as door handles and windshield wipers.

Randall had a blast in his truck for a few years, going to shows, hanging out with friends, and railing his truck any chance he got. Sparks were raining all over the state of Arkansas. One day, he decided he was going to bodydrop his truck but never having taken on such an extensive job before, he had a few moments of hesitation. It took some time, but his truck was finally dragging rocker instead of frame.

Randall got married, settled down, and stepped out of the scene for a little bit, but every once in a while he would make an appearance at a show or a local hang-out spot. Everyone would always ask him about his ride, and he would say he still had it but that's as much information he would let leak out. Little did they know the truck was torn down to nothing, and the frame and bodydrop were being refreshed due to the aforementioned dragging sessions. Along with cutting into the rockers, Randall and Keith Chandler finished up the bodywork so the truck could be passed to Mike Howerton's hands to get sprayed the Jazz Blue that is currently coating the Hardbody's surface.

When people were walking around the 2010 Slamily Reunion show, no one could believe that they were looking at the same truck from years ago. Not only did Randall end up with the truck that he has always wanted, but it could not have happened to a more deserving guy. Randall is a true minitrucker-he lives the life, helps out anyone he can, and is a great person to have in the scene to guide the younger minitruckers in the right direction.

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