Owner: Daniel Dennison
Ride: 1988 Nissan Pathfinder
Hometown: Maynardville, TN

After you tear down a truck, do a ton of shaving and molding, and get it shot for Mini Truckin's Construction Zone, the next thing to do is tear it completely back apart, right?

Well if you're anything like Daniel Dennison and his 1988 Nissan Pathfinder, then that's exactly what you'd do!

Daniel tore right back into his Pathfinder before we even got the chance to run his Zone feature, as he wanted to paint and finish it so he could finally enjoy the fruits of his labor. Once you have marked getting two features with the same truck off your to-do list, most people just continue to be happy and show the truck every chance they get before they sell it. But Daniel actually kept his past feature truck and opted to do something different with it, so he set out to build this Nissan Pathfinder as a new project.

Knowing that he wanted something different but still having a love for the body lines of a Nissan, he picked up this Pathfinder and quickly decided to take it to Sean over at Insane Auto Concepts to have a frame built so he could lay the SUV body flat on the ground and nicely tuck a set of 20-inch wheels. Then, it was time to have a little bodywork done, which consisted of shaving the handles and smoothing out some dents and dings and pretty much anything that protruded from the body. He even had the small rear quarter windows shaved to completely smooth out the exterior of his new project.

Once all of the bodywork was finished, it was time to lay down the classic two-tone paint scheme and carry it to the inside for that classic hot-rod touch. While on the inside, Daniel took all the soft fuzzy panels over to David Corn to get them stitched up and to carry the two-tone theme the rest of the way throughout. Since this truck would see its fair share of road time, a massive stereo was installed behind the seats, filling up the entire rear area of the truck. With this project set to be Daniel's driver, they went through the entire truck making sure that it would hold up to the driven road abuse. All in all, a badass ride and functional at the same time, which is exactly what Daniel was after.

From time to time of you might hear of what's been called the "Construction Zone curse," in which once you get your under-construction feature, you'll never finish the truck. This is another case where the curse is proven wrong, and it just goes to show that the curse is a myth, just like the blue die used in pools to show if someone pees in the water. He actually tried to sell this truck for about a day before his wife talked him out of it, saying that he couldn't let the curse get him the second time around.

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