Owner: Alvin Sales
Ride: 1988 Nissan Hardbody
Hometown: Kapolei, HI

While in attendance at the inaugural Streetdreams Showdown event on the island of Oahu this summer, we met the Sales brothers-Ness and Alvin-who are both custom-car fanatics.

Ness operates NRS Fab, one of the island's premier fabrication shops, which actually opened due to the lack of capable and reliable chop shops available to tackle extensive suspension work. Alvin is the '88 Hardbody's official pink-slip holder, but it was a joint effort to reach both brothers' goal, which was simply to slam the Nissan hard on the Hawaiian concrete.

Owning such a killer completed truck on an island certainly earns the right to a truly unique and accomplished status among those involved in the local scene since there are only a handful of others that can rightly compare. On the other hand, getting the parts to make that happen can be a major dilemma. Ordering in bulk or finding others to help fluff up an order from the mainland is usually standard practice for Ness and other fabricators on the islands since shipping charges alone can inflate the cost of a few parts to an unjustifiable rate. As far as the actual labor that goes into installing the parts once they arrive, making any necessary fabrication along the way is another headache in its own right. With many claiming to be able to mock up and execute an intricate job, and only a few being legitimately qualified, quality start-up shops like NRS Fab are becoming more common on the string of Hawaii's islands.

The Nissan spent five years under the scalpel, but the modifications were done right the first time under the close care of its owner and a few pairs of trusted hands. Upon the truck's completion, Ness has been showing it as much as possible to establish the fact that those living on the islands do have options when shopping for quality fab work such as bodydrops and full air-ride suspension systems.

Those of us living in the continental U.S. can consider ourselves spoiled since ordering parts and finding a custom shop is as easy as selecting USPS shipping as a less expensive shipping option when placing an order or making a short drive to one of the reputable shops in our general areas. NRS Fab and a handful of other Hawaiian-based talent are doing their best to offer their services to those living the island lifestyle and change their local scene for the better. Be on the lookout for more features we captured during our trip to paradise.

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