Owner: Chris Brown
Ride: 1999 Nissan Frontier
Hometown: Warminster, PA
Club: Grounded 4 Life

After rolling in three different S-10 Blazers, Chris "Fly" Brown decided it was time for a change. He began the search for the perfect project, and after searching high and low he stumbled across a 1999 Nissan Frontier.

The truck was black and 'bagged on 17s-basically stock but very clean. After a week or so of haggling over the price, Fly backed off and went on vacation. Lo and behold, when he returned from his R&R he found out he had made a drunken call and bought the truck while he was on vacation. When he got back in town, the owner wanted to know when he wanted delivery of his Frontier. But, this is one drunk-dial Fly doesn't regret. After working out the details with the owner, the truck was loaded on a trailer and taken home. After just one little cruise around the block, the truck was pulled into the garage and the real journey began.

Fly and his brother Dave started out by re-'bagging the truck to fit 20s, though at the time they didn't realize this was just the beginning. Once they tore apart the truck to lay it out, they figured why stop there? Since this was their first real build, Fly and Dave did a lot of research and made sure they did everything right from start to finish. Being hands-on, they were proud knowing that this wasn't some bolt-on kit; actually figuring it all out and building it to fit turned out to be a great experience. Though this truck was four years in the making, they found motivation watching other builds debut at shows knowing that someday they would be there. The first time the brothers laid the Frontier flat to the floor, you better believe it was all smiles.

After the 'bags and bodydrop were completed, Fly tore into the engine bay. The motor was stripped down and sent for paint. While waiting for the finishing touches, Fly's Fronty was taken to ClearStar Audio in Maple Shade, New Jersey, where they gave the interior a complete overhaul. The factory seats were cut down, door panels were smoothed out, and everything was wrapped in almond leather and blue suede. The dash was smoothed and painted with HOK Candy Blue, and the center console and sub box were custom-made.

Just after the interior was completed, the truck made its way to Tommy Cassar of Car Medix, where the body got its new makeover. The truck was completely smoothed out by shaving the handles, antenna, hood squirters, cab vents, firewall, radiator support, mirrors, gas door, taillights, tailgate, and third brakelight. Once it was as smooth as a baby's bottom, it was time to lay down the HOK Black base. Next, Fred Sicoli of Killer Kreations heated it up with the Candy Blue flames and graphics throughout.

Once the exterior was finished, the truck was returned to Chris for final assembly. After a 24-hour marathon to get it completely assembled and back on the road, the truck debuted at Envy Frenzy, where an exhausted Chris was proud to have something to show for all his efforts!

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