OWNER: Rusty Lowe
RIDE: 2000 Nissan Frontier
HOMETOWN: Sevierville, TN
CLUB: Relaxed Atmosphere

Some people go through life and never really get to experience certain things. Well, Rusty Lowe from Sevierville, Tennessee, now knows that green tea happens to not be flammable (lucky for him and his buddy).

But we'll come back to that here in a bit. First thing's first, let's check out the two- year process that lead to Rusty's clean and green 2000 Nissan Frontier.

Rusty started with a nice altitude adjustment and knew he wanted to plant his Frontier flat to the pavement. As a member of the Relaxed Atmosphere, Tennessee chapter and having been around minitrucks since he was 16, Rusty was more than capable of the job at hand. So with grinder and welder in hand, he installed four-corner adjustable suspension, compliments of Slam Specialties airbags all the way around. Next, he cut and capped the frame rails for a stock-floor body drop to help maintain decent cabin space. After bolting up a set of 20-inch rollers the stance was finished off with perfection and Rusty could move on to the next piece of the puzzle.

With the guts still apart from the body drop, Rusty and a couple friends slowly redid the interior to go with the theme he had planned for the outside. But as they were about halfway through, the dash sparked and caught fire! Luckily for Rusty, his buddy had a gallon of tea and instantly reacted dumping the tea on the fire. Thank God it wasn't flammable tea and the fire was extinguished! So, with one close call out of the way, Rusty was determined to pick up where they left off and see this build through. The rest of the interior was smoothed and painted and Rusty buttoned up the stereo system.

So far the only major snag was the dash fire, so Rusty felt confident to move to the exterior and smooth out the rest of the truck. The paint and body duties were left to Diverse Customs to finish off the Frontier with Rusty's vision in mind. Some minitrucker inspired biomechanical airbrushing tore through the Dupont green paint to bring the completed Frontier to life. Rusty finally had the complete package he was after, and thanks to friends and family he could cruise a truck in style and rep for his Relaxed Atmosphere buddies. Hey, at least the tea wasn't flammable and they can all laugh about it now! For more information, check out the Lowdown.