I'm sure you've all seen the show, "Pimp My Ride." The idea is basic, take somebody's ride, then pimp it out to give it a whole new feel and look, which is exactly what Tracy Shaw, aka Chico, did when he traded his already pimped-out Mitsubishi Mighty Max to one of his club members for their former cover truck. What Chico did next could only be described as "Chicofied." He took an already pimped-out Frontier, added his flavor to the truck, and really turned some heads in the process.

Chico learned even a shop's work isn't always what it seems. Whenever you pick up a truck from somebody else, the chances are, you're going to have to redo some of the work. Chico, being such a perfectionist, decided once he got his hands on the truck to go through every inch of it. In the process, just about every piece of sheetmetal was changed. This was the perfect opportunity to add the '04 Xterra sheetmetal to the truck. He also added an '04 Frontier tailgate and a Sir Michaels roll pan to the back.

When it came time to paint, no fancy lightning or crazy colors like "Pimp My Ride" were used. Only nice, straight, and non-fancy silver was used to coat the truck. But don't worry, this truck doesn't get lost at shows, and it has already taken home many "Best of" trophies, including Best of Show at the Relaxed All Star Event.

Since this truck has been "Chicofied," you might be wondering what's next for Chico. Well, he's already sold the truck to a new owner and is in the process of "Chicofying" another famous truck at the moment.