Daniel Dennison has been into the minitruck scene heavily for more than 15 years. He's already had a few builds under his belt, which he creates as fast as he can once they're in his hands. When Daniel picked up his Nissan, he realized a couple of things. First, he should have started with a complete truck. Second, he would go crazy nuts on this truck, until he had built a truly one-of-a-kind creation. Everything, even down to the paint, needed to be customized and one-off.

When he started his project '88, the Nissan was nothing more than a cab and a frame. To Daniel, this meant the obvious spot to start would be chopping the top. He didn't go crazy, but he modified it just enough to be very noticeable. Along the way, Daniel began to pick up more and more parts for his project.

Somewhere along the line, Daniel decided he didn't need things, such as a regular roof; but he didn't want a convertible either. So, he put a big hole in it. He also wanted to lose that pesky back window, because it was pretty much worthless. Then, Daniel decided he didn't need a real interior. This was where things went crazy, because before he knew it, it was all metal. Even down to the seats.

No chopped and 'dropped truck is complete without a body-drop. For a really mean and lean look, Daniel 'dropped his truck to the rockers. A little nip here, a tuck there, and the creation could have come from a surgeon's mind. When it came time to paint it, Daniel didn't have to look very far for inspiration. It seems Daniel had some gloves in the shop that were a crazy Smurf-looking blue. So, he took the gloves to the paint store, and the rest is history, as far as that's concerned.

To this day, we've never seen another truck look more like its name than this truck: a Hardbody. Considering almost everything on this truck is metal, it is certainly hard.