Imagine being in another country and getting your hands on a Mini Truckin' magazine and realizing that trucks have uses other than hauling produce. This is what Aniki, as he's called by his friends, noticed one day. This lit a fire under Aniki, about 10 years ago, which has led him back to the pages of MT.

Along the way, Aniki has learned a lot in his ventures. Being in the minitruck community, he had an opportunity to meet many really cool minitruckers in his area and throughout Japan. To Aniki, this is one of the best reasons for being so involved in the minitruck community. Along the way, he made enough friends to start his own club, Crunk. Together, they enjoy going to cruise nights, shows, and having drag sessions. Even in a country where not a lot of people really enjoy the sport as a lifestyle, Aniki and his buddies know they're living it to the fullest.

"My biggest dream was to be featured in the United States," exclaimed Aniki. He's no stranger to the lifestyle we live for here in America, either. Besides reading Mini Truckin' magazine, Aniki is a big fan of Lowlife Video. He wondered if people in the magazines and the videos will think his truck is cool. As a matter of fact, he wanted people to let him know. Obviously, not too many of us will get a chance to run into Aniki, but I think we can all agree that he's done an awesome job of building this crazy green Nissan.