The Lowdown
Rolling Attire
Wheels, front: 22x8.5-inch Intro V-Rods 5
Wheels, rear: 22x10-inch Intro V-Rods 5
Backspace, front: 5-3/4-inch
Backspace, rear: 4-inch
Tires, front: 245/30ZR22 Pirelli P-Zeros
Tires, rear: 295/25ZR22

Chassis Modifications
Suspension type: Air
Rear suspension: Modified Pete and Jake's four-link
Airbag type and size: Front: 2,500lb Firestones, Rear: 26c Firestones
Control arms: Uppers flipped and switches sides
Spindles/springs: 2-inch drop spindles
Shocks: Ranchos painted storm gray all the way around
Valves: SMC 300-psi 3/8-inch valves
Air line: 3/8-inch stainless
Air/hydro accessories: Nitrogen in a chrome Extensive Metalworks bottle rack
Frame mods: 2x3-inch tubing from the cab back; all of the wires have been run through the frame
Frame material: 2x3-inch box tubing
Gas tank: Custom-built 12-gallon fuel cell
Detail work: Every removable part was painted and every bolt was replaced
Performed by: DIB
City/state: Houma, LA

Body Modifications
Shaved: Door handles, gas door, cowl, radiator support, firewall, and tailgate handle
Body-dropped: 2-3/4 inches
Front end: All '95 Pathfinder sheetmetal and grille and bumper
Back end: FBI tailgate skin and roll pan
Taillights: Euro clears with candy paint
Exterior bolt-ons: 4x4 fenders, Mazda chrome mirrors
Misc: Sheetmetal bed floor with custom-made polished bed strips, boat trailer fenders in the bed, Oldsmobile port holes in the fenders, lower valance molded to one piece from three pieces, custom-built license plate holder, cab and inside of bed has all had spray-on bedliner
Performed by: DIB
City/state: Houma, LA

Brand and colors: Dupont Hot Hues Snap Bean Green on top, the bottom is Butter Bean Green, Red Hot Red, and what should have been gold
Style: Two-tone
Pinstriping: HOK by Snapper Chad at Never Satisfied Custom
Misc: DIB logo in the corner of the tailgate
Performed by: DIB

Seats: Rebuilt factory bench seat
Material: Two-tone leather
Dash: '95 dash that's smoothed and painted
Door panels: '95 Nissan Pathfinder door panels with painted accents and two tone leather
Center console: Custom sheetmetal console by the owner
Flooring: Factory gray
Gauges: Factory Pathfinder gauges and two Auto Meters in the center of the dash
Misc: BAD steering wheel with a tilt column out of a Nissan Pathfinder, sheetmetal back cab wall, doors and roof covered in Dynamat, factory power windows added, and polished door seals
Performed by: DIB

Head unit: Alpine
Mids & highs: Crossfire 5-1/4-inch speakers in the doors and a pair of 4-1/2-inch speakers in the dash
Amplifier for mids & highs: Crossfire 202
Subwoofers: Two 8-inch Crossfires
Amplifier for subwoofers: Same amp
Accessories: Code alarm
Custom fabrication: Painted custom subwoofer enclosure box
Misc: The whole truck has been rewired to clean it up
Performed by: Jordy at DIB

Internals: JE pistons bored 10 over
Camshaft: Jim Wolff Technology's Comp Cam
Transmission: Centerforce clutch
Rearend type: '87 Toyota rearend narrowed 10 inches by Elie at Da Shop with Moser axles
Intake: '89 240 intake
Header/exhaust: Pacesetter header with a Flowmaster exhaust
Battery: Two red-top Optimas
Location: Under the bed
Inner fenders: Boat trailer fenders
Detail work: Painted with chrome valve covers
Misc: Everything is painted
Performed by: Elie McGee at Da Shop
City/state: Houma, LA

Special Thanks
To the DIB crew, including Duck, Brad, Kevin, Josh, and Jordy; Elie at Da Shop; Chad Snapper at Never Satisfied; Marc "the parts man" Breax; Clint Rogers; Hank's Car Care; Dan at FBI; Chris "Relax" Odle; Zack and Randy at Nu Era Bedlining; Dulac; Negative Camber; and anyone else who helped out