The Lowdown

Rolling Attire

Wheels: 18-inch Equus 902s
Tires: 215/35ZR18 Nitto Neo Gen rubber

Chassis Modifications

Suspension type: Air
Airbag type and size: Front: 2,500lb Firestone Rear: 2,600lb Firestone
Spindles: 2-inch Chassis Tech drop spindles
Shocks: Belltech Nitro
Valves: 3/8-inch Parker
Compressor: Viair 450
Air line: 3/8-inch dot black air line
Frame mods: Reworked transmission crossmember and gas tank crossmember, 6-inch "V" notch, and tube work with Mitsubishi Diamond Star bag mounts
Gas tank: 10-gallon polished aluminum fuel cell
Detail work: Rear frame painted black with blue pearl, Porsche Riviera Blue-painted accents on Diamond Star mounts, four-link and shocks, Viair compressor and watertrap hidden under bed
Performed by: Matt Davenport, Tom Wyatt, and owner
Misc: Toyota rearend and Toyota hubs and rotors
Performed by: Air ride performed by Josh Long at Wicked Kustoms; 5-lug conversion performed by Jeremiah Meade at 3D Kustoms
City/state: Wicked Kustoms in Lavergne, TN, and 3D Kustoms in Castlewood,VA

Body Modifications

Shaved: Middle body line in hood, bed seams, door handles, antenna, taillights, cab light, rear body lines, gas door, key holes, and emblems
Body-dropped: 2-1/2 inches by Billy Ward and Rich Hopkins; 4-inch body drop on bed performed by Jeremiah Meade at 3D Kustoms
Front end: Chrome bumper, billet phantom grille, clear corner and bumper lights
Back end: FBI skin and Grant Kustoms taillight fillers
Taillights: FBI LEDs
Exterior bolt-ons: Clear corner and bumper lights, chrome bumper, billet phantom grille, and chrome Mazda mirrors
Misc: Mitsubishi Eclipse hood bubble molded into hood
Performed by: Door handles, cab light, and gas door shaved originally by T.J. Willis in Beaufort, NC; Skin, taillight fillers, and bed seams installed and readied for paint by B&L Collision in Blountville, TN; key holes, Eclipse hood bubble, and final prep work for paint by Michael Dotson, Tom Wyatt, Matt Davenport, and Owner


Brand and colors: Sherwin-Williams Porsche Riviera Blue
Style: Basecoat clearcoat
Performed by: Great Paint by Nate
vCity/state: Wise, VA


Seats: Stock bench seat
Material: Covered in black tweed and blue vinyl with black vinyl piping
Dash: Painted Porsche Riviera Blue by Tom Wyatt and Owner
Door panels: Black tweed
Flooring: Black ACC carpet
Headliner: Black tweed with skull and flames
Gauges: Stock with factory tachometer
Misc: BAD Hellfire steering wheel, billet window cranks, billet rearview, and billet cigarette lighter
Performed by: Everything but seat covered by Kenny Franklin of WV; seat covered by Jack Sanders of Bristol, TN; everything installed by Tom Wyatt and owner


Head unit: Aiwa
Mids & highs: Four-inch Planet Audio
Performed by: Owner


Rearend type: Toyota
Intake: Eclipse adapter with Matrix air filter
Header/exhaust: Turbo muffler high-flow cat
Driveshaft: Stock machined for toy rearend
Detail work: Painted timing belt cover and intake pieces, stripped and polished radiator
Misc: NGK Blue wires
Performed by: Justin Wyatt and Tom Wyatt
City/state: Chilhowie, VA

Special Thanks

Justin would like to thank God. With faith you can achieve any goal. Secondly is his father for helping him do whatever it took to reach his goals, even if it meant staying up for days at a time. Thanks go out to Justin's mother, Nykki Wyatt, for the support, and also, Brandon Smith, Barry Barr, Jason Seay, T.J. Willis, Matt Davenport, Nate Powers, Michael Dotson, Billy Ward, Rich Hopkins, Jeremiah Meade, Kenny Franklin, Jack Sanders, Josh Long, B&L Collision, all of his Acrophobia brothers, and every friend he's ever made in this sport. Lastly, he would like to thank everyone who has ever touched his truck, cleaned it, or told him they liked it. Thanks!!!