Very rarely do we get a tech sheet that is filled out to the fullest, let alone with all of the exact information we like to hear. Justin Wyatt of Chilhowie, Virginia, puts a smile on our face, as he has poured his heart and soul into letting people know why, how, and what kind of mini-trucker he is. Some of you may look at this as him just having a couple extra minutes to spare and scratching down more nonsense. The way we look at it is that mini-truckin' runs deep in his blood and that he has more to express than he could ever put on paper. Now that we are done stroking Justin's tech sheet, let's get on to the flavor of the article.

Justin got into mini's at the age of 13 while he lived at the beach in North Carolina. After attending the Magical Concepts Beach Cruise he was hooked. A friend of his had an older brother in a car club with a slammed Mazda on some 15's, with a camper shell. He would take them to the skating rink in it and even though they had to sit in the back and it rode awful, he couldn't replace the feeling. After that, Mini Truckin' magazine was his rag of choice and he even had a short stint with lowider bikes due to his inability to have a license.

Another reason that Justin is so attached to his Mitsu is due to the fact that his father has as much time into it as he does. He considers his mini his dad's as much as it's his. The time they spent together working on Maximum Impact will be something that he'll remember forever. Having owned twelve mini's already at such an unripe young age, Justin managed to go back to his original truck, which was this Mitsu you're looking at. Maximum Impact is his keepsake and his first complete custom.

Justin has history with his Mitsu that few could rival. From the day he started customizing it the local ham factory would pull him over constantly if not every day. One po-po in general seemed to have an undying devotion to replacing the green paper in Justin's wallet with yellow certificates. At one point they tried to impound the Mitsu but the case wouldn't hold up in court.

Justin has no regrets on his build. The mistakes he made on his truck have only made him more aware of what to do right on the next one. His advice to new mini-truckers is to get a game plan and stick to it. Your wallet will be a lot heavier and you'll have less heartache. Justin's made a lot of friends in the mini-truck game and lost a few on the way. The true friends will stay and support you, but just remember that it's just for fun.